Monday, April 11, 2011

More eppy Ppl :)))))

Damien & Monkey
it was supposed to be a dinner for Baby Wei + Damien
with Monkey & Nasser as fluorescent lights
and bcoz so many other eppy ppl wanna have dinner with us
the number grew fr 4 to 25
Hyper Katharina & Double-O-Seven Antoine
but the dinner turned out to be heaps of fun
esp when the Hyper was around

the Hyper can drink and dance and joke the whole nite
without feeling exhausted
Andrei, Mallorie and the Hyper
my beloved Murielle~~~~~~~
she's such a darl!!!!
and the drinks continue on and on and on and on~~~~
it was oso Spain's big boss's birthday
Happy Birthday Angel!!!!
*yea that's his real name*
it's customary that everyone must must have a pic with the b-day boy
Nasser & Helen fr UK

Helen: "My dear lovely Cherry, u r so young I can be ur mother!!!"
"dearie Helen, I m not that young, dun b surprised :P"

yes asians age gracefully~~~~ kekekekekekekek
Marketing team - Gregoire & Valerie
pic with the unofficial advertising & tagline ambassador
give him anything and he'll think of something
Double o seven hiding at the back
Look!!! u get wat I mean when she disturb me everyday in the office!!!
think too much of drinks for the Hyper liao
lovely demure Lucie!!!!! she's so swedish but 100% swiss
group piccas with Spain and USA
I lurve this pic so much!!!!!
coz we were still sober kakakaka
Andrei fr Romania
Ms. Cooper fr UK is the best
she worked the hardest but partay-ed the super hardest!!!!!
I-m-Italian Leornado & Ms. Cooper
the team from Malasie
yes Baby Wei & Monkey will b waiting for u guys to come to Malaysia
Laurent lurve my Chanel sling bag so much :P
he insisted a pic with "it"
he is the only one whom got it right - yes it's Chanel Cruise collection!!!

great dinner and AWESOME ppl
hope to see u folks soon

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