Thursday, April 07, 2011

Besentiel Restaurant, Basel

yummy beef balls with even yummier fresh cream and extra virgin olive oil on the side

it was supposed to be a dinner for 4
and through the days of planning, the number sky-rocketed to 25
as the saying goes, the more the merrier
a simple mango and avocado salad topped with toasted cashew nuts
we were dying for greens after so many days of meat, meat, MEAT, meat, meat.......
duck pate with pear/apple
I didn't have dunno whether it is good or not :P
Baby Wei had this :-)
white asparagus soup with smoked salmon to elevate its flavour with its natural saltiness

asparagus is in season now.....they were FAT and juicy
errrr like the length of your 30cm ruler with the thickness of a german sausage
grilled turbot fish with rice
I don't know how they master the art of cooking rice so delicately without a rice cooker
Monkey's braised beef cheek with red wine sauce
I think we ate so late like 10pm that I couldn't finish most of my food

the beef was served with a yummy parmesan risotto
I think the secret is the broth used in cooking the risotto
another Swiss colleague of mine had perche fish - a popular lake fish fr the beautiful Swiss Lake
served with a fennel and orange salad
I was so stuffed I didn't had any dessert
the word panna cotta was painted on the plate

another drunk colleague reads: "Paaarrrmmaaaa Chitta"
a scoop of ice cream served with Vodka
oh wait where's the vodka?
well u r supposed to pour it over and eat em the way u have ur Affogato

this place is casual and they dun mind us big noisy group :P
guess it is the only time of the year, the place is buzzing with live!!!!

Besential Restaurant
Klosterberg 2, Basel,
Tel: +41 61 273 9700

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