Monday, December 06, 2010

We r at Champagne :))) *hic*

visiting a few wineries today......
weather is freaking cold....
thinkin of ALL OF YOU
cheers folks....and have a great week ahead *hic*


Tsu Lin + + said...

Bunch of alcos!
I love the 2 photos.. it doesn't look cold from those 2 photos.

mef said...

Cherry & JS,

Any nice rose champagne?

Take care and enjoy !

js said...

Hye mef.
Yes, we visited two makers. One small boutique maker in ambonnay call Henri Billiot(4000 cases per year) and one medium size maker call Louis Roederer (300,000 cases per year)who used to make the famous crystal champagne for tsar nikolas 2 of Russia! Contrasting culture,techniques n business philosophy but with the same objective of producing good stuff. We had lots of bubblys incl a good rose from billicart salmon. But the bubbly that u must try are the blanc de blanc cos it's made from 100% Chardonnay!
TL, it's freezing here. The pics u guess right.........its not sunny here. Haha. Guess weather's the same in london:))

CHER-RY said...

TL: ahem.......monkey prepared short postings here n there in advance. So all piccas definitely not fr our cameras huawuahahaha. it's freaking snowy here!!!!!! lurve ur new pic wif SW....she's growing fast n beautiful!!!!!

Mef: Bonjour fr France!!! R u a rose person???? we had quite a number but havin champagnes here r so diff....coz they were not traveled n maintained its crisp diff!!!! Louis Roederer is the maker for prestigious Cristal *the one celebrities showered wif, wat a a shame*. After all the private tours n processes.....we now drink with care n appreciate every drop of this golden liquid. :))))))

mef said...

Bonjour JS and Cher-ry

Viva la France

Thanks for the info on the champagne houses. I'm a big fan of rose. I reckon the pairing of cigar and champagne are awesome. Now I can't wait to try the Billecart-Salmon rose. Did you try the Cuvee Elisabeth Salmon?

I'll certainly look to try blanc de blanc.

I shouldn't waste a drop of champagne

Take safe. Au revoir.