Friday, December 24, 2010

Eiffel Tower by nite

don't u just get mesmerised by this pic?
JS's photography skills are simply amazing *ahem ahem*

well, when u r at the tower's even more mesmerising
the icon of Paris for years
we took quite a number of pics of the Eiffel Tower
with snow, without...
day and nite
fr near and afar
and also from our hotel room

the above pic was taken on the 1st nite
we did a lot on the 1st day
fr Notre Dame to shopping *nyek nyek nyek*
and dined at Eiffel Tower at the exclusive Le Jules Verne *will do posting soon*

so many pics and so many postings
guess I'll be bloggin throughout the weekend as well
and more weekends to come....hahahaha

Monkey & JS had been fighting on who gets to blog bout wat
well since he seldom blogs....he gets *some* priority
so most interesting places had been taken over by him
by trust me, whenever it's his posting....u won't be disappointed

so Mr. JS, everyone has got high expectations of u
u know wat to do eh?
dun u know it's rude to peek underneath?
it's like peaking under someone's skirt :P

this place is HUGE
so just be a lil bit more patient.....I'll do a proper posting on Eiffel Tower
today's post is just a teaser...hahahha

Merry Xmas folks!!!!!

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