Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Streetfood everywhere!!!

how not to stop and look and have a whiff
when these lil stalls are everywhere at every corner on the street of Tsim Tsa Tsui???
from a selection of steamed to deep fried, baked, grilled finger food
arrays of savoury to sweet bites prompting Monkey to stand still and enjoy the view
but most of all the SMELL ~~~~~

"I'm Hungry~~~~"
JS: "We just ATE!!!"

"but look...it's so yummy and good"
JS: "grrrRRRRrrrrrr"

"and dinner isn't till another 2 hours away?"
JS: "We have a Michelin Star dinner reservation....pls dun spoil your appetite!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR"

"I can still eat~~~ I promise I promise!!!!......puhhleassseeee????"

before JS can frown and grrrrr anymore...
Monkey already hopped onto the packed queue of hongkies
flipped her dollar and placed order for 2 items
2 items only mar!!!!
octopus balls with fresh octopus inside
served with a few dashes of umami powder, crispy seaweed and mayo
comfort food during the winter
*yes I know I'm way damn lagging on my posting....this trip to HK was during winter :P*
so while I was chomping on my octopus ball standing by the street
the sweet crispy pancakes cum waffles were cooking on their way
just right smack on time...as I finished my octopus balls
it was all ready pipping hot

yummy so eggy I lurve the smell of eggs~~~~~
JS just watched in exasperation
for he can't do anything to stop this perpetually hungry Monkey
but joined in my snacking spree~~~

well the saying goes, if u can't beat them JOIN them!!!

"Hey I missed eating those grilled bacon with enoki can I have one of those as well? oooooOoooo the grilled soft squid looks good too...let's have one of that and maybe a grilled rice stuffed chicken drumstick"


heeeeeeeeeee lemme eat lor :P


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