Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New class - aerial hoop

as though my life isn't busy enuff, Monkey enrolled herself into Aerial Hoop class. Another step further after pole fitness. Yeah prollie she's gonna enrol herself into a circus!!!! Monkeys, elephants, circus...oh well u get the gist. They all go hand-in-hand. While we are on the topic of circus....it has been a long long long long time since I went to one.

So seen above, Monkey was attempting her first semi-split gazelle and she's only 50% there....GAH!!! it requires so much of core body muscle, stability, strength but most of all FEARLESS of heights which again I've failed. Any tricks that require me to move my body upside down aka inverted...it's just too scary to perform for the only form of security was the mat on the floor. It still didn't convince me but so far I have yet to fall but last year I fell really badly from the pole that left such a traumatic experience.

so again and again and again, Monkey hoisted herself up to the hoop using her arms *which now left her arms sore for the last 36 hours*. Positioned and balanced her ass before straightening her body...and then all u gotta do is let it gooooooo LET IT GOOOOOOO and bend as low as possible.

 "I can't anymore!! I'm scared!!!"
Classmates: "AGAIN!!!! You can do it!!!!"

 GAH!!! this is the lowest I can go!!!!
Classmates: "No!!! lower!!!!"

 "Gals!!! seriously my waist is in pain, my arms are gonna break....I wanna come down!!!"
Classmate: "Don't give up yet. TRY AGAIN!!!!!"

 Please~~~~~ Lemme come down!!! I'm scared!!!! I'm not flexible enuff to to a full gazelle yet!!! I dare not even open my eyes!!!

my classmates are all perfectionists. I don't even need my instructor to whip me, they have done the job for her. I'm the whiner and the lazy one in the class, bcoz of them I've learnt not to give up so easily. So now I need to dedicate time to ensure that I don't skip/miss class...but looks like it's not possible for this weekend, I don't have time to attend classes again. ~_~

Goal for this year....to execute all of the above...

If you are interested please log onto my dance school's FB page for more details:

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