Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

This was Mr. JS's xmas pressie....he sure lurves carmouflage to bits. From pants to shirts and accessories, he wanna be invisible in the jungle...*apparently or so* But Monkey told him nobody takes a Valentino into a jungle, prollie you will be the very first few. Ishhhh~~~~~~
This would be the second camouflage looking bag that Monkey got him. He was a eppy boy ripping the already bare minimum packaging coz I didn't have time to wrap it, and it was too huge and I refused to have its box coz it's just too bulky for me to carry onboard in Hong Kong.

The Dove added that extra detailing into this bag making it even more unique. Dove symbolise PEACE :)))) If u like this bag do visit ur nearest Valentino for this is a limited edition and comes in limited quantity, and they have doin their annual year end sale.

as for my xmas pressie, Mr. JS got me like 2 months before xmas LOL. For he has the tendency to do this all the time, be it birthday or xmas. For his philosophy is....have it early and enjoy it much more.

Lurve my limited edition Chanel Boy Brick Bag....it was the very very last piece at Chanel Rue Cambon so one gotta have it. It's alwiz a manic to shop at that particular boutique. So sometimes it's good to go next door and take a breather at Faure le Page. I guess it's only about time before consumers discover this brand too and begin the "takeover" craze.

and I've been using it, seen here with Hong Kong TVB star Johnson Lee during his recent show in Malaysia, sponsored by Hennessy VSOP. Seriously I need to educate myself and catch up with all these amazing talents from Hong Kong. Nevertheless it was a privilege to meet the man himself.

As for myself, I bought these dandy pairs of heels :))))) Hua Hua Hua gonna take them out soon :))) Just noticed that I've bought the same stuffs for Christmas 2014 for both JS and myself. A backpack and a pair of shoes.

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