Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tokyo SkyTree

We saw this building every single day from our it day or nite. Rain or shine. Unless if it's too foggy. The weather in autumn could be quite tricky with temperature fluctuating a good 8 degrees between 2 days. There have been a few failed attempt to visit  Tokyo SkyTreedue to bad weather. But patience soon rewards bcoz we chose a really good beautiful sunny and CLEAR day to visit this tower.

JS complained it's too sunny!!! he couldn't open his eyes. The sunnies that he brought to Japan was never used I was perpetually sitting in the room waiting for its owner to take it out for a ride...but NO. So can I recommend if u are not planning to use something, don't bring it bcoz as small as it is, it still took up some space in the hand luggage....I could...I could.....I could have stuff more Royce chocolates back innit u know!!!!

SkyTree is really tall....most of the time our cameras and iPhones couldn't snap a good pic from top to bottom. Standing high at 634m it is the World's Tallest Tower and 2nd tallest structure in the world right after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

When I saw Burj Khalifa from the Dubai airport, it looked so Gotham City. I have yet to really venture and explore Dubai...maybe another time? :)

SkyTree has got not office, no retail space no hotels on top. Unlike those tall and high buildings in the world. Example Taipei 101. *Read about Taipei 101 here*

SkyTree is just a Tower...a broadcast tower. Amazing to spend so much for a broadcasting tower :)))
But the total cost isn't that obnoxious, only USD 806 million. Especially for something that emphasize so much on safety, after all Tokyo sits in the ring of fire with numerous earthquakes.

very interesting point to note, the base of SkyTree isn't round but Triangle. As it builds its way up, the building soon changes its shape into a more circular shape and finally round at the top. This is one of the cutting edge design for safety and stability.

and finally we are up here :))))))))))))

Hello Mount Fuji....I see you but can u see tiny me? *waves like a manic woman*
u are so majestic :))))))

casting a shadown down the Sumida area.
The height of the tower at 634m was decided bcoz 634 in japanese is Mu-sa-shi. Musashi is the old name of this region where Tokyo SkyTree is today.

That man was wearing a STAR hat on his head...hahahaha
twinkle twinkle lil star~~~~

The Tembo Observation Deck at Level 350m isn't the tallest level yet...
there's another lift to catch where you will need to purchase a separate ticket and board the elevator to go up....

Once inside the lift carriage, we looked up....OMG this is not gonna be easy coz Monkey is afraid of heights and it means the lift is semi-transparent...GAH!!!!

Luckily it isn't that bad....unlike Eiffel Tower. I hate lifts that are too transparent.

The highest level accessible to the public is 450m
at this level, there's a Glass Tube for visitors to explore. This glass tube is so huge, it can be seen anywhere in Tokyo. Like a serpent wrapping around this tower.

making our journey through the glass tube with the rest of the observers. We noticed most of the tourists in Japan are Japanese -_-"
but this is in fact a very good noisy Chinese PRC visitors. Aaaaaahhhh~~~~

this glass tube really do offer a great view of the city.

JS couldn't smile...BAHAHAHAHAHA look at his face. Frowning...I don't know if I'm the one afraid of heights or he is!!!!

Then it's time to descend a level down for more souvenirs shops and cafes.

OH MY GAWD............

oh I can't take this....I felt like puking now even though it's just a pic...
the height is so SCARY~~~~~Is this how it feels like when u fall?
My fear of heights has yet to be conquered and I guess it will never be

JS held out his hand to me....I almost break his hand, closed my eyes and walked towards him. Stood there for a bit for this pic to be taken...Peek down a bit and Oh no...I can't take this. Legs turned jelly...can't walk....colors drained from my face.

Such an embarrassment coz JS had to pull me outta the glass floor. and I wasn't event directly on top of it.......shame shame!!!!!

whenever you are in Tokyo, don't forget to visit SkyTree. I am sure you can do better than me :)))

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