Friday, May 20, 2011

Tuk Tuk

so how do u hail a tuk-tuk down the street in Bangkok?
according to JS...u just raise ur hand and yell "TUUUUKKKK"
just like how u address DATUKKKKK

we were at the famous Chinatown indulging in shark's fin and birds nest
and JS decided to inject some adventure towards the end of the evening with a tuk-tuk ride
I was huggin my stomach from all the food and FOOD and FOOD
so adventure is the last thing on my mind :P
Monkey managed a bleak smile for the photographer
yeah a tuk-tuk can really speed, cornered into all the short cuts
entered into any small lanes he wanted
and even u-turned on the main street full of traffics when he decided he wanna u-turn
the only consoling thing about this tuk-tuk was my favourite Doraemon on its roof
somehow it gave a sense of happiness
GAHHHH being squeezed in the middle of the traffic is no fun!!!
it felt like we were speeding but then cars were over-taking us left and right
and my hair were flying like a broom~~~~~~
no difference fr riding on a bike :P

when we were about to arrive at the hotel
"do u think the security guard will let us in? is this the first tuk-tuk to enter the hotel-yard?"
JS: "dun worry....all tourists do the same thing and it's a novelty to ride a tuk-tuk kay?"

true enuff.....the blarring loud engine POUP-POUP-POUP soon roared into the beautiful court yard of our hotel.....

I think even the lovely jasmine trees would have died-ed fr its exos
Monkey wanted to hop straight out....instead the lovely staffssssSSSSssss came to us
with no doors to open, they just "wai" = hands clasped together and a slight bow, 
greeted us with names and offered to help Monkey to get out

aisehhhhh paiseh paiseh!!!!!
true enuff it was a novelty....coz tuk-tuk ride usually cost more than a taxi ride
so pls do bargain before u hop on.
it wasn't my first ride....somehow each time feels so surreal....hehehehehe


licheng said...

makan makan again ha :)

sent you an email. will be free for dinner 6/18, hopefully the others can make it too?

neil said...

Did you realise your top matched the Tuk-Tuk seat colours? :P

js said...

Indeed the tuk tuk is a dangerous piece of appropriate technology. Remember the gas explosion that rocked BKK(around pratunam near to porn-tip plaza actually) early 90s?? That was caused by a tuk tuk who switched of his engine at the red traffic lights to save fuel and when the lights turn green and he cranked the engine, sparks from the battery terminal and a gas leak nearby from a mobile LPG tank was the perfect recipe for a perfect explosion in crowded downtown bkk!! Hundreds died and hundreds more injured!

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Ok I will send mass msg to them on FB :)))) We just got back fr HK last stomach bloated :P

Nee Lee: oh yeah hor...I just eyes there!!

JS: wahhhh your brain is which brand punye hardisk??? can remember so many things??? but then kenot remember where u keep ur mobile? :P

Js said...

I was the HSE rep in BP then and this was used as a case study to identify the root causes cos it's so classic! :))
My hard disk storage huge......but RAM very small lar!! :)