Thursday, February 17, 2011

JNJ James Bday

another establishment of the Les Amis group
this whole row of boutique eatery is in fact Les Amis's babiesssssss
from japanese to italian to modern french
variety of pate and gherkin
Monkey is not a pate fan...but since all the guys tucked in GLORIOUSLY
i must be kiasu and join in....kekekekekeke
wow in fact it's very good esp this porkie rilette!!!
very tasty and balanced
there's no muscle/grain/etc innit
next came the thinly sliced hams....thinner than my tissue paper
everyone's favourite!!!!! waxy stripy Iberico ham!!!!!!!
cuts fr the belly...the fats melt once it touches the body temperature of ur tongue
*yea it's that delicious and kua cheong*
oven baked bone marrow with escargots on top
this dish was really rich and heart choking
definitely not for the faint-hearted hahahahahaha
but it was balanced with the green-ness of the escargots
can't remember which mate dun take beef including marrow fr the cow
so there's escargot fr its shell in rich herbal butter
someone playing chiak with me :P
theme of the nite was 09 burg but ended up so serious
wat happen to our simple dinner????????????????

well I should have guessed it fr the guest list
with wines connoisseursSSSssssss and a WINE WRITER
really good scallop with seaweed!!!!!!!
roasted baby suckling pig, a bird wrapped in bacon and duck breast
the pig was the sure winner
the duck was rather eccentric...
cooked with vanilla beans and texture was failed......
but they redeemed themselves with this outstanding roast chicken
yup, so simple and yet so yummy with roasted roots vegetables at the bottom sucking up all its chicken juiciness
someone pls do the honor~~~~~~
hmmm mates, thanksgiving and xmas already over
crispy fries fried in DUCK FAT and sprinkled with truffle salt
everyone wanted to tapau back...but nothing left
lineup of the nite...with someone peek-ing-a-boo-ing in the background
so called SIMPLE burg nite~~~~~
well when Birthday Boy J&J James presented a Chateau Rayas
nothing is simple liao
"wah liao, piang eh!!!"
must take pic!!!!!!
GIANT grand marnier souffle!!!!!!
it's really HUGE and needed 40 minutes to bake
eh Mr. JS u think u can make this???? but I won't be able to finish lor...
Bday boy with a wide wide smile :)))))))))))))
make a BIG wish and..........
take a deep breath and BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the most photogenic couple in our group :)))))))))

Happy Birthday J&J James
many happy returns and many more Rayas to come!!!!
this was only a token dinner...
the serious dinner was another day....
will blog bout it soon....akan datang :))))))))))

Bistro du Vin
Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road,
Tel: +65 6733 7763

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