Monday, January 24, 2011

Tower of Terror, Walt Disney Studio

Walt Disney Studio is just opposite Disneyland
and kiasu us visited 2 parks in a day
it was almost impossible but with planning, rides schedule and a drawn planned route we managed all the must-do rides in our list
so many things in Walt Disney Studio
from Armageddon backlot to the Nemo inspired turtle coaster ride that scared the shit outta me
to Aerosmith inspired roller coaster and 4D Lilo & Stitch
and all the backyard production of Disney Studio
but first, we need to recharge
and had to be very very caution....can't load too much of food in
just in case it's gonna come out :P
and it almost did

it wasn't that expensive to eat there
about Euro 9 for a set of cheeseburger, fries and drinks
and if u are a Disney fanatic go and get all those cute limited edition cutleries, straws, lunch boxes
cups mugs, well the list is endless

they have extended menu of pizzas, salads, arrays of pies and sweet delicacies for all the kiddos
but we were just too busy to eat....need to fully utilise our one day here
just like Amazing Race Disney World :P
the most scariest ride of my life that left me traumatic with nightmares for weeks
the Hollywood Tower - Tower of Terror ride

we knew it's gonna be a "lift" ride
we knew that it was listed as the more thrilling ride here
we knew that it has the longest queue
and no kids below 1.1m can enter
but we didn't know it's gonna be this scary
the setup was very nice and spooky
we were lead into the "lobby" of the hotel
with all the bell boys and "hotel staffs"

later we were led to the reading room
and was "briefed" on how guests whom checked in will never checked out
well even the staffs here were cuckoo....
one of them spooked me right smack on my face and said "helllloooo!!!!!!"

well it's suppose to create the climax and adrenaline before the ride
and we were like...OK this is another ride of Disney...
and hopped into the lift
only a few ppl can go in at a time

we were strapped to this cold stainless steel chairs inside the modified lift
and it felt really really cold
again another bellboy welcomed us and made sure everyone were glued and strapped dead to their cold seats
and he re-iterated that there's no point of return
and if u regretted coming in.....
it's too late....and let out an evil laugh

before the door of the lift closed
all of us were like hahahahaha luffing away
and gawd knows wat's coming next...

and the lift....took its first ascent
first floor.....DING!!!!!
the doors opened and we saw the "family" who checked in waved at us at the corridor of the hotel
in a very ghostly manner with a narrator telling the story from the episode the Twilight zone

then doors closed........
and ascent again to the next floor
again the doors opened to some hologram of ghost/spirits/watever u call them
it was all relaxed and easy
everyone was still giggling away

and we were expecting the doors to close and ascent again
but it didn't this time
before the doors could close
we plunged all the way down
well judging fr their faces...u can imagine the G-force they felt
I couldn't remember how loud i screamed :P

the design of the lift was very clever
instead of letting it "fall" there was this mechanism that PULLS the whole damn lift down
so it drops faster than gravity
and u.....seated there just strapped by a single safety belt
can feel nothing...not even ur cold stainless steel chair
just ur own ass falling
well if u can still feel your ass

but that's not the end of it
before the elevator could hit the bottom
we were plummeted all the way up to the highest floor
as in the 13th floor so fast so ferocious
all I remember screaming along with everyone else inside the lift
like that's the end of our life :P

once the elevator reached level 13
we were blinded for a while after its door opened
it was so bright...we thought it's HEAVEN

then we felt the cold winter chill on our face
and realised when we saw our feet hanging facing the Walt Disney Studio Park
ohhhhh we were at the top floor all opened and it was FREAKING HIGH OK
about 200 feet
hahaha now u laugh looking at this pic
see the hair of those ladies there...... :P

so for a few quick seconds we were at the top of the tower/hotel
and it was then camera flash lights were so blinding
u dun have time to smile nor react
coz we were still trying to THINK wat actually happened :P
*well apparently in the whole damn ride with 20 ppl innit....JS was the only one smilling.....yea we saw OUR FUGLY pic at the exit :P*

where was I?
oh yea at the height of the tower....for a few quick second we were motionless
before the lift plunged us down all the way fr 13th floor
I dunno how loud I scream but not as loud as the white woman at the back of me :P
she was deafening

the feeling of that drop where u can't do anything nor get out
and not know of wat to expect next was so life threatening
hahahhahaha it was
I think I almost die-ed :P

watch the trailer here
*click here*

highly recommended ride
not for those faint hearted.

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