Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wedding??? Wat wedding???

What wedding????
*theeeiiiieeeekkkkkk....wrong question*

Who's wedding should be the appropriate question.
We froze midway slurping our yummy noodle,
after Her Royal Highness informed during our yummylicious breakfast.

Monkey gave JS a big kick under the table...

"U didn't tell me we have a WEDDING to attend?????"
"I oso dunno wut."

"I have nothing appropriate to wear to church."
"So do I."

U not char bo..
don't have to wear so nice.
Monkey and Eveline at the dinner in Shangri-La
i skipped the ceremony,
and spent the day sleeping and reading.
and of coz eating......kukukukuku.

Bernard introduced his whole ballroom of relatives,
from Australia to London,
to Hawaii to those closer in KL,
and two fr US who are Beyonce's dancers in MTV.
JS kidnapped me out of the ballroom,
coz we were so bored...
and the food was not fantastique,
hotel food were never fantastique for wedding reception.
We walked under the moonlite..
it's a moon but it looked so small.

enjoying the sea breeze,
away fr the noisy merry wedding dinner.
yeah we are anti-social ppl,
I just can't stand places with many many loud ppl,
Can u believe it??
Monkey wore jeans to a wedding dinner...

"I looked so casual in my CK." *grunting*
"So do I baby..."

"helllooo Mister...u are dressed fr tip to toe in Boss cept your Bally shoes."
"U have very nice shoes baby :)))"
trying to change subject pulak.

It's back to work today...
checking my emails a while ago,
made me realized,

Monkey got a lot of work to do for the next 8 months.

Calm down..
everything will be under control..

The mind is a very powerful tool.

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