Friday, May 18, 2007

Boys and their games

I thought of letting the boys shop on their own,
so Monkey can have the freedom to do hers,
but they were so worried of my safety....

"Hellloooo, this is spore....not Iraq."

So we ended up having to compromise...
Them killing boredom at my fav shops,

Prince C: "Buy so many head bands in 5" *got interrupted*
JS: "It's the trend now. Dun kacau her."

Monkey: "My kaki very sakit lar."
Prince C: "Go buy sneakers lar...stooopidd."
Monkey raising her hands to do the scratching and whacking stance.....

JS: "Sneakers are not trendy and not nice looking. Let her wear wat she wants."
Prince C: "Stoooppiiid go and buy GUCCI's sneakers sure nice."
Monkey: *rooooaaaarrssss* "SHHHUUUDDDUUUPPP"

And me rolling eyes as they were testing their new babies.
Shopping for drivers, irons, balls, bags...accessories..
so not my turf.

When we touched down in KLIA,
they can't wait to test their new toys,
and monkey unconciously got conned,
and whisked away in Prince C's 5000cc beamer
to the golf course in 20 minutes.

Wat the......????????
monkey's CORUM Admiral's Cup Trophy 41, RM 13 400
JS's Zenith Defy Extreme in titanium, RM 75 000
Shuddddup Prince C's CORUM Competition 48 in titanium, RM 25 400

I have to baby sit their timepieces,
while they happily testing the irons at the driving range.
JS still in his Hugo Boss shirt...
Monkey: "Play lar play lar....I dun care already lar."
Next time i'll bring a gal who's a shopaholic,
then both of u die die die.
nyekkkk nyekkkk nyekkkkk.
Monkey had a yummylicious mee mamak at the course,
Saujana Golf & Country Club serves,
the best food ever in a club house...

and as usual,
my food got pinched..
by the ever honorable shhhuuduuup Prince C.