Monday, May 14, 2007

Light lunch @ Santaro

We woke up on Saturday early,
coz Prince C was complaining..

"I veli hungreee....I wan to eat maam maam."
"Have coffee 1st can or not???"
"I wan lunchie......"

So we had a quick coffee and head to Santaro @ 11.30am!!!!!
Wahhhh...anymore early for lunch.
My stomach still sleeping wei....
kenot digest food. a fantastic appetizer
steamed soft eggs with fish roe,
and mashed century egg yolk *yummy*
with the jelly part of the century egg chopped on top.
as usual we sat at the counter *the popular seats in any jap restaurant*
and I saw this fish bowl of baby crabs..

the chef proudly proclaimed these are his pets.
very easy to care and they are soooo darn cute.
The next appetizer was some baby ika *baby squid*
with creamy wasabi based sauce and pickles.
It's really baby coz u can eat 2 at one go!
after 2 light appetizers,
the sashimi course begins...
3 slices of torched/flamed bonito
this one on the right is the belly of the salmon,
the 2 pcs of brown thing are dried lemony persimmon,
to kill the richness of all the fat juicy sashimi.
it's the belly of tuna fat man,
It looked like porkie.
Chef showed me the big thang!!!
goodness...really juicy & fat yo!!
on top is the lean mean part = akami,
it's deep red in col compared with TORO.
JS opt for chirashi,
coz he wanna give room to his small CC stomach for our big dinner,
Mana was such an alarming portion,

I was eye-ing his ooni *sea urchin*
the orangie ones...

"go and order your own...hehehehe..."
wakakakka....this is mine and mine alone!!
ooni on top of sweet jap prawns....torched to perfection.
the texture of sea urchin was creamie like cream cheese!!!
Prince C & Lawrence have very big stomach...
as in like big CC.
then the sushi arrays begun,
1st, Chef presented toro *again*...

"Cherry-san. What would you like for sushi course?"
"NO MORE TORO. No Scallop...esp those with truffles salt."
*and gave JS the slit-eyed look*

"haha, I can see.....that Terry-san had over done the hotate with truffle salt at home...hahaha."
"Yes, I'm so fed up of it!"
aji *spanish mackerel*
I asked to reduce the rice,
as lil as possible puuhhllleaaaseeeeee...
hence the fish looked so huge.
My fav sayori fish...
so yummy...
only available during spring.
Prince C & JS

"My stupid wife forgot to bring my hair gel. I looked like soh h@i."
"No lar...looked like soh chai only lar."

We walked around the restaurant to digest our stomach b4 the next course.
Hamachi = yellow tail
Then the fried fried course begun,
"What are these????"

Monkey scratched her mickey mouse head.
JS took one for me.
Poor crabs!!!!
It looked like it's beggin me not to eat them!!
But they were already dead....screaming for their life when chef deep fried them.

I DOWAN!!!!!
They made fun of me and put the whole bowl of pets in front of me...
Monkey cried and screamed!!
and pointed to the killer chef!!

"U killed your own pets!!!!"
After much hesitation,
monkey ate her share.

sniff sniff..."quite nice hor?"
Everyone fainted...*sigh*
raw sweet japanese prawn heads,
Prince C chomped all down.
I preferred deep fried like this.
went well with the Laurent Perrier that we brought.
we had one champagne, one red and one white.
every single pour we poured for ourselves,
Chef will have his share.

"You guys are making him drunk."
the guys giggled like silly gals
for there's a reason.

Chef is having a showdown for Lee Kuan Yew's family dinner the same evening.
Mother's Day dinner mar..
Hence the restaurant will be closed,
everyone tapau-ed by ex PM.

those guys were trying to make him slack in performance.
bad bad bad...
hmph, trying to sabotage the dinner izzit???
this is not the usual unagi,
it was topped with lemon zest...
absolutely yummy.

Chef alwiz takes pride on his creation.
"no sauce pls."

He doesn't let us dip anything into the soyu.
nor WASABI...
coz it will killed the freshness and the actual sweetness of all his creation.
flounder fish = flat fish.

"Cherry-san. Before I wrap up the course, what else would u like to have?"
"hmm.....I want crispy fish bones, nato with seaweed, crispy salmon skin roll, japanese cockles, hamachi, aji..."

JS interrupted:
"STOP hold it. Baby, we are gonna have a light lunch only ok?? Save your tummy for tonite."
So I get to choose one more..
Japanese cockles..
absolutely yummmy.

How come our local cockles soooo yucky one???
not to forget,
their superlicious garlic fried rice.
Roasted black sesame ice-cream,
wat I meant here is,
the black sesame seeds were roasted,
then made into ice creams.

"Chef, got japanese rock melons or not??"
JS held up his palm.
"No more for u ok. Not even another sip of alco."

sniff sniff.

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