Sunday, May 06, 2007

Slothy Sloth Slouching in Slump(s)

it's such a luxury to be able to do

detached meself fr the outside world,
no mobile, no laptop, no 3G, no internet.
for 5 solid days.
Weather was extremely lovely,
no rain, no haze, no dust.
just pure sun with clear cloudless sky.
JS and his family went to golf everyday,
at diff resorts around town.

Monkey slouched in slumpy muddy water everyday.
which was equivalent to excellent spas...

from aromatheraphy lavender massage to manicure pedicure,
to full body spa...
from relaxation pacakage to beautifying ones..
I've done it all.

"hmmm....very good. Next time u go to golf courses with spa ar..." *broad smiles*
"Wahhh...u really know how to enjoy while i sweat under the sun. Come drive the buggy for me while i walk 18 holes."
"I dddddoooooowaaaaannnnnnnn."
*sounds of someone being hit by an angry monkey."
and when we gets back at Eveline's home,
home chef will still cook though tired like mad.
As usual i get to order wat i want to eat 1 day in advance.

When JS cooks,
both the maids will lari bertempiaran/ lintang pukang.
*running like there's no tmrw*

either he's too harsh on them...
or they were just too afraid of him.
Neither were true.

He's just one helluva head chef with strict orders.
"gimme this, gimme that...i want that to be bla bla bla...QUICK!! Hold this, take that, bla bla"

and the 2 maids moved like assistant surgeons
in the emergency room aka kitchen with knives and utensil...
and also along with celery, onions, squids....

How did u train the maids to receive orders in ENGLISH my GOD???
Bernard the Joker gave a thumbs up
for the baked sake and seafood penne with sun ripen tomatoes.

Then it's time to go home....:(
life was so relaxed, slow, beautiful and pampered.
At MAS Lounge.
This is how he looks like whenever at work/serious/poker.
no wonder his staffs were so frightened by him all the time,

JS heads his army of hobbits like an Imperial General,
fr the Hsi Huang Ti empire.
(the king who build the Great Wall and Terracotta armies)
"Smile for the camera!!! eeeeeee so fake"

but when at home...*tsk tsk*
totally the opposite man.

My ex colleagues still interview me.

"He so garang (fierce), how to handle ar?"
"U forget meh? He Si Garang (Mr. Angry/fierce), I Si Comel (Ms. Cutie).
Wei better be good to me hor...otherwise your performance evaluation...nyek nyek nyek."

"wahhh...u are even more dahsyat (scary) than him."

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