Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I rawk & rulezzzz today!!!

U were born in the Zoo hospital,
U were born in the Zoo hospital.....
with the munkess and more notti munkessss...
that makes u the nottiest munkee around.
my super yummy chocolate truffle cake,
actually it's not a cake...
the whole damn thing was solid dark chocolates...
JS hosted a b-day dinner for monkey last Saturday,
at my fav place....LES AMIS,
with all my fav creations fr Chef Gunther Hubrechsen.
at my fav VIP room,
but no monkey's fav flowers....
with my fav utensils..
Laguiole knives...
and Schott glasses.
I can see we are in for some surprises,
for all the wines were wrapped in foils,
time to play the high risk guessing game.
canapes of i dunno wat fish
too busy toking to pay attention to the beautiful introduction
by our head captain of the nite.

Sadly, my fav sommelier....Randy..
the best sommelier in Spore & Batam was not in town.
He was in France...
he missed out this partay with great wines.
my FAVOURITE french butter!!!
fat yo!!!
1st course was a salad of alaskan crab with warm blini.
When I told Prince C we'll be having crabs...
he was like O_O
"No worries, no shells, all peeled nicely for u....u lazy bum."
carpaccio of Wagyu beef with organic egg sunny side-up,
so yummy that Prince C had 3x after another.

everyone around the table plus waiters were shocked!!!

and we have to wait for him to finish his 3x 2nd course....duh
b4 we can proceed to the next.
so while waiting, the guessing game begun,
each one of us brought one stunning bottle...and blind taste the rest.
so we had 3 burgundies,
2 bordeuxs and 1 champagne...

hai....champagne dunnit to blind taste coz it's the cheapest of all
Everyone already scratching their heads
for all the wines that nite were mind blowing.
angel hair pasta with lotsa lotsa summer truffles...
monkey & Tracie the manja Queen.
Li-Ann drew this for me.....
sweet gal.
Doc, super woman Emily and Li-Ann...
Shawn was busy dating to attend the dinner..
that boy just turned 18.
that super tired look on Prince C's face.
JS with his lobster red face...
this man drinks like a camel,
but can't camouflage well.
Cheers everyone!!!
main course of roasted rack of black pig with confir of seasonal vegetables
this one really awesome..
the babi doesn't taste like babi one..
melts in your mouth.
yum yum yummmmmyyyy
notti monkey behaved herself that nite.
JS bought a new Hugo Boss jacket....

"Your b-day or my b-day wor now...u wear so nice...kenot!!!!"
"he he he he....."
thank u baby for the dinner,
i lurve it..
and monkey knows u had been planning like for weeks.
tq tq tq tq tq tq.
surprisingly i lurve this one,
my 1st experience with this maker.
with manja Tracie and Lawrence
to die for dessert,
Grand Marnier souffle with all my fav toppings,
90% dark chocolate with oranges,
and in-house vanilla ice cream.
Lawrence gave me this new baby for my pressie
a 1972 burg,
Gevrey Chambertin les Casetiers 1st Cru
by Negociant Leroy..

it's pronounced as leh-huaaaa.

not LEE-Roy ya.
monkey very strict on names...
Monkey & JS with her precious new baby on the table..
now safely locked in my vault..
away fr JS.

I need to let it rest standing in the wine chiller
for at least 3 months b4 i can open it.
after all the tremors and shaking fr travelling...
TQ Manja Tracie & Lawrence,
I lurve the pressie so much.
me in my b-day pressie...Jaeger leCoultre
and him in his dressy Roger Dubois.
from left to right,
some i-forgot-wat-champagne SGD 150
2001 Armand Rosseu, Gevrey Chambertin Clos St-Jacques 1st Cru, SGD 263
1995 Hubert Lignier, Morey St-denis VV 1st Cru, SGD 231
1986 Leroy, Ruchettes Chambertin, (price undisclosed)
1989 Palmer, SGD 578
1986 Rausan Segla, SGD 352

all from private I know who to rob.

To differentiate the bordeux bottle and burgs...
look at the pic above again..
*apart fr the champagne*
the 1st 3 bottles, fat and round are burgundies,
the last 2 are bordeuxs, slim.
my b-day chocolate chocolate..
not chocolate cake.
I have no room for their fantastique petite four
and ta pau-ed all for Manja Tracie to take home.
when I'm tipsy,
I'll take silly pics like this..
tilting my head and lifting my legs all the way up...

stooopid monkey.
my new pumps fr Top Shop RM 319

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