Monday, May 07, 2007

Our mummy dearest.....

Excerpt fr today's conversation via email:

monkey: U wanna purchase anything for your mom on Mother's Day this Sunday? I bought a bouquet of flowers for my mom.
JS: Me no give prezy for mother's only give prezy for b'day and x'mas :-)
monkey: I give flowers for Mother's Day every year. This Sunday mar...
JS: No worries....I never remember mother's day so it's status quo i suppose :-)
monkey: Now I'm telling u u remember gf's day?
JS: yes...hehehe!!! Everyday is GF's day!!!!
monkey: so where's my flowers then?
JS: Me give more than give sayangx2 everyday!!!
He left me speechless...
I didn't reply that email.

So everyone....
don't forget bout this BIG day ya!!!
13th MAY

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