Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dainty sandals

Monkey was never a sandal person,
*not scandal yea*
yeah I know wat u ppl gonna say...

"Monkeys don't wear sandals....they walk barefoot"

Anyway I'm alwiz famous with my eiffel tall heels.
*or twin towers*
since i was....14???
Blame it on my mom.
We share the same size....

When I was 15,
and can't afford nice heels,
I'll wear her sexay stillettos,
and unconciously made them mine...

Now that her daughter is making decent $$$$,
she's pinching on my collection..
and built a warehouse of shoes at home, *it's true*
that's the place I'll locate all my missing pieces.

off topic pulak,
back to my dainty sandals,
Monkey goin to Phuket this Friday...
*doin the Madagascar I like to Move it, Move!!! shake ass*
aaaawwwwww......even my choice of sandals are so bimbotic!!
REEF - Lase collection RM 89.90

it even has polka dots which was...too Betty Boo..
I just got this nice satin base in silver.
It has proper arch for support
and high density eva outsole...*ermm..wat's tat?*

This pair would be nice for walking around the resort,
town, shopping...but not on the beach!!!

D-Lish sandal, RM 129.90 from Reef
yeah..Don't understand why so expensive,
but it's very very comfortable.

full grain leather strap,
super nice sandal..
even JS lurves it..

"wei, your feet so big dun ruin my dainty sandals. Get your own."
I think this one is sooooooooooooo him.
it comes with a golf ball on the heel,
and a tee & ball marker on the strap!!!!

baby u sooo gotta buy this one!!

So I am now the proud owner of 2 pairs
of superlicious sandals....

Centre court 313 B
Suria KLCC


Odin Cards said...

Pretty decent $$$$$$ ur making...those sandals cost me more than my shirt!

CHER-RY said...