Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I am sure you were not born in the ZOO,
for you are one of the best behaved friends monkey ever had,
polite and extremely caring,
with a golden heart.

The name says it,
Chai & Monkey went to kindergarten together,
enrolled in the same class - yellow,
at 2.5 feet tall, we were adorable like hell.

Chai was so polite and sweet in her colourful lolly dress,
making friends and speaking like a very well behaved lil gal,
*which she still is*

while Monkey goin around the class with her weapon,
a crayon stucked to her cute small hand
ready to paint on someone's else possesion...

Arts was one of her fav subject,
for she excelled like a young lil Van Gogh,
with the whole class crowding her seat,
to watch this artist performing her strokes.
We were like O_O and excited,
when we bumped into each other in primary 1,
Both of us were into arts & music,
so there's more to share than 123 and ABC.

Moving to high school,
lil Chai and notti Monkey were now young laydees,
life's was crazy and full of curiosity,
and you were there to keep me sane.

During recess, I enjoyed working..
in the lousy school co-op with you,
and I still remembered our best seller was Kit-Kat.
We were once again O_O
when we found out we were both accepted by a reputable University,
the probablity was like 3 outta hundreds of applicants,

though both ventured into different school which moulded our future,
monkey into managing portfolio of $$$$ and.....
kindergarten Chai to the school of innovation,
cyberspace, information & technology.

Coincidence can't be this scary,
we were allocated accomodation..
doors away fr each other.

It's good and comfortable to have someone so close..
at heart and with similar interest,
esp when it's Monkey's 1st time...
away from home.

You were there endlessly,
as a caring friend,
supported me in terms of study, emotionally...
and in times when Monkey needed to adjust her new ife..
living at a place.....more "jungle" than her own jungle.
Now you are far away in San Diego,
monkey in a city of hugo-a-gogo,
I am so so thankful...
that we were still in touch almost everyday...
*thanks to technology*

Makes me feel like you are so close..
bcoz every single moment of your presence,
be it in virtual world or reality,
is deeply appreciated by Monkey.

Happy Birthday to you Chai,
May you have the very best in your life,
for you deserve nothing...but only the best.

I wish you success in your career,
fun and care free life in the States,
if you do settle down for long term...
pls leave a room for me there!!!
*kua kua kua*

Have a blasting Birthday there!!!!
I will be celebrating here with u in my heart.
Cheerrrssssss *hic*

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