Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dress for Success???

Dressing for work is pretty stressing for some,
waking up and hurrying to work,
and choosing which piece of apparel to wear...
is really a brain cell killer for some ppl.

Monkey dresses for comfort and speed,
esp when she's late.
Ppl don't understand it either,
work doesn't start till 9am...
but Monkey is very kiasu and must be in the office by 8am

Even Chris da Boss commented:
"You don't have to come so early. I am very concerned about your safety."
"Boss, the man(woman) who wakes up early owns the world."

"I think in this case, u only own the whole office."
Dress fr Forever 21, SGD 63
Shoes fr Pedder Red, SGD 199
Bag fr Coach, SGD 603

Monkey is in all cute dresses,
when she's in a happy eppy mood.
Top fr Naf Naf, RM 159
Pants fr Zara, RM 129
Shoes fr TopShop, RM 319
Bag fr Coach, SGD 603
Head band fr Forever 21, SGD 11

I can dress like an auntie to work,
when I am late,
and esp when it's FRIDAY.
or when I have no mood to look presentable.
Jamie sweetie and Monkey

White is my colour,
White is cool,
White is versatile,
White is professional,
White is innocent and pure *pui*

I think everyone should own at least...
at least...3 pcs of different cut of white crisp shirt.
The best cut would be BOSS..
To save cost (so I can buy more)..
Monkey purchased Massimo Dutti..
which mostly are very similar to BOSS.
Black is also my colour...

I know...I know...
I looked a very awkward bcoz
I was asked to posed for a magazine...
some taiwanese mag and
he was speaking mandarin that I can't register!!
*monkey aint' no model so she was a bit kaku* is also versatile.
and so formal all the time...
Dressing from top to toe in black..
just make u so elegant at once.

Now...with sales everywhere around town,
Ferragamo, Burberry, Isetan...and most of all,
Singapore Great Sales starts this weekend!!!!!
*psssttt GST will be incresed to 7% this Jul*

I think it's high time to spend some time,
shopping again.

Note: Ppl said Sales is just an exuse to spend more money, U'll spend more than u need which is very unnecessary. I think that's is a retail theraphy for me. I don't spend on fast cars nor gadgets, shopping is wat i do.

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