Saturday, May 05, 2007

48 hours notice to Valencia

I had a stroke when I got the news,
why sooooo last minute????

ME in Valencia by Monday????
Where the fark is Valencia??

All I know bout this place....
is the oranges I consumed everyday...
Valencia orange...
Can't I just cheer and give support for my team in Msia???
So monkey spent 48 minutes debating
like a criminal defense lawyer,
to my director...
why I shouldn't be there.

Anyway I sent one of the journalist to Valencia,
Wish her luck....

Getting her flight ticket at the 11th hour wasn't easy,
my travel agent has gone home,
and it's weekend.
with no one to turn to,
I went online to make reservation.

I thought my card will go "koyak"
from booking the flights...
biz class cost RM 22k...

"All online bookings must be made 5 days in advance."
prompted the website.

KLM, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, British Airways...
all the same.

My only chance is to make a call to my director..

"Can I swim there?"

I am so thankful that singaporeans are workaholics,
for their travel agents worked till 10pm...
thank uuuuuuuuuu so muchhhhhhhhhhh.

and as usual,
I managed to get my way out.

I don't have to be in Valencia!!!!!
Kesian the journalist.
Just hope she'll have all the fun alone.


licheng said...

what a coinky-dinky..i was just reading about Valencia on travel 2 days ago, 32nd host of the America's Cup, along with other attractions it has to offer.
48hrs notice..mmm..hehehe..

CHER-RY said...

yeah man. That's the America's Cup thingy I'm supposed to attend. I am glad that I am still up here on the tree in Malaysia than on the deck in Valencia.