Monday, May 21, 2007

Scalini's, Jln Sultan Ismail

It was Friday,
and I was exhausted from work,
5 straight days of work with no play,
makes an irritated monkey.

So we went to have a nice dinner.

Scalini's sits on a hill between Menara MAS & Menara KFC,
U'll need to park your car at the foothill,
and walk up the steps,
which direct you to the restaurant.

It was less than 50 steps,
but to was like climbing up to Batu Caves.
huff and puff, I need my drinks....quickkkkk.
It was really quiet,
with only the private hall occupied by japanese,
we had the whole common hall to ourselves...
spells - this is a not so nice place to eat.
They served toasted bread with garlic and thyme,
the other one with tomato based sauce and cheese..
Scalini's served open-fire-oven-baked pizza,
but with 2 little stomach,
we didn't bother to order.
Calamari fritters was a let down RM 20,
bcoz the calamaries were not juicy,
not their fault,
blame it on our super tiny weeny dry squids.
Penne arrabiata RM 32,
ermm..okay lar.
JS's pasta so much better.
But Scalini's pasta is better than Prego's.
Beef sirloin in some special sauce RM 48
not nice at all.
Apple tart with vanilla ice cream RM 20
the crust was horrible.
JS: "How now? Your tastebud got so discerning, everywhere also not nice. Where to eat next time?"
Monkey: "U cook lor...the food in KL is really horrible."
I think I looked more horrible than the food here,
after a day at work,
and my company's notebook just gave way and crashed.
Monkey is a tanned person,
but whenever I'm with him,
I felt like a snow white...
kua kua kua....

yeah...go and hit more balls under the afternoon sun,
no difference if I get an african as my bf.

who's burnt like a boiled lobster
and can cook well??
My requirements isn't that high.

Tel: 603 2145 3211