Friday, May 11, 2007

I feel in lurve with H&M

Warning: This gonna be a BIMBO post...I've warned ya!

Not only I missed you so much,
I literally can't get you off my mind...

I know goodbyes are alwiz painful....
but...I didn't realize it could be this hard...

My new Lover in Switzerland...
When I stepped into the apartment,
with Ms Whitherspoon helping me with my luggage,
instead of asking how my journey was,
or giving me her usual hugs...
she just.....

"I've already checked out the location of all H&M in town for you....and also their operating hours"
and gave me that girlie gleam on her face.

"erm..okay...I'm a bit tired but I don't mind shopping."

The fact is...I had a horrible jetlag!!!
This is the scary situation @ H&M,
whenever there's a new
u think women are crazy ya??
Look at the guy in the pic!!!
no...he's not gay or wat..
he's just a metrosexual man...
wat a turn on.
so amid the jet lag,
Monkey and Ms. Whitherspoon pottered to the nearest H&M.
Kylie Minogue for H&M,
her new swimwear...
come one guys....drool..
coz monkey already am.
Kate Moss for Stella McCartney's collection in H&M,
well that was before she was dropped.
*Monkey lurves Kate since she was 14*
Sexay Victoria Secret Gisele Bundchen,
I don't care she's made from plastic and silicon..
I lurve her!!!
She's working on a new line for H&M as well.
Madonna designed for H&M too...
hehehe and I bought some nice pieces fr her collection
Madonna made her crew wear H&M.
There's no H&M in Msia nor Spore nor Thailand..
so my staffs wear MNG & Zara only lor.
and Monkey Maussimo Dutti.
*ooo they have opened the one and only in Bangsar Village II but...not as exciting as Spore's*
I couldn't find Karl Lagerfeld's creation though,
prollie not in that particular outlet..... *sad*

This is tooooo much,
all my fav people under one roof...
I almost cried while shopping..
My New Heaven.

and did I mention that it's blarddy cheap???
even viktor & rolf designed for H&M...
I can camp here everyday.
There's so much to buy!!!
yeah...both of us were like this laydee,
grabbing anything and everything on the way..

from shoes to come-fark-me stilettos to pumps,
to slutty dresses to elegant tops,
career wear to nighties,
swimwear and all those yummy bras & Gs.

Everything was so affordable,
and it's not even S-A-L-E.

"I shouldn't have brought any apparels & shoes with me."
"I think so too. You bought enuff to last you a month in Switzerland."
Now time to get 2 more luggages to store my indulgence.
and that was only Day 1 with two more H&M in downtown.

Ms.Whitherspoon flinged her hair sexily and gave me
the U-R-Soooooo-gonna-overspend look.

Yeah yeah..I know I know...
Pssttt....Kindy Chai, San Diego got H&M or not???

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