Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Whenever I'm in doubt,
there's a person I'll turn to for advice.

I ain't not cinderella,
hence i dun have my fairy godmother.

But Nee Lee is more than a fairy,
she's an angel.

yesterday, with one problem as big as the nation's,
lil monkey turned to Nee Lee.

Monkey: Wat name do I use to link her??? I dowan to offend her. She'll kill me!!!!
Nee Lee: Wat's the name of her photoblog?

Monkey: *a name i kenot reveal here*'s site.
Nee Lee: hmmm...
Monkey: she uses "heeeyaaa" as the header though.
Nee Lee: then use "heeeyaaa" lor..

Monkey: ???? hah???
Nee Lee: *a name i kenot reveal here* heeyaa's site lor...
Monkey: *speechless*

Anyway both of us shouldn't be wasting company's time,
deciding wat to name our friends' blogs...
blame it on monkey.

Thank u Nee Lee,
I lurve u so much.
for layan-ing all my craps.
Nee Lee, Claire, Sofyathk, WY, just woke up and belum brush teeth monkey with Heeeyaaaa *not her name* standing at the back.

Taken 9 years ago while we were housemates,
I forgot wat's the story behind this pic,
that Nee Lee woke us up *it was late morning*
for this family pic.

I guess everyone looked organised, oriented and pretty,
Monkey is obviously still in her dreamland.

Kudos to u Nee Lee,
for waking all the sloths up.
Otherwise this pic would not have existed.

do check out Nee Lee's latest trip to Phuket wif sofyathk at her blog.
Cheers everyone!!!

ps: you may check out heeeyaa's photoblog at the link beside - sizuka.


Anonymous said...

dear..i won't kill you one. no need to say until like that la.

thank you very much dear..mucks!!

CHER-RY said...

In that case, I should have used shell shell or Brandy!!!

nyek nyek nyek

Odin Cards said...

Whoa, can't believe it's already 9 years since Melaka days heh.

A lil nostalgic...not to mention even the photo looks old...

CHER-RY said...

yep wat were u doin then 9 years ago in Malacca?

Odin Cards said...

Trying to pick up chicks like you all @ unihostel LOL