Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New world or old world??

I'll say it's my WORLD!!
for a narcicist,
the world revolves around her..
only her alone.
I touched down at 9pm,
rushed to Boat Quay at 9.25pm.
and those boys already finished with their dinner,
and debating on the reds and burgs.

Lawrence poured 3 Bordeuxs for me.
after tasting all 3....*sip sip*

Lawrence: "New world or Old world?"
all the eyes around the table turned to me
with the she's-so-gonna-screw-up-face

Monkey nonchalantly: "New world."
Lawrence: "Awesome sheeeaaattt man. She's the 1st one to pick it up tonite."
monkey beamed proudly.
this bottle is old world
Lawrence: "wat year?"
Monkey: "lemme check out the legs....late 90's."
Lawrence: ".....speechless...."
Everyone gave monkey a standing ovation...
Lawrence still debating while Doctor was so amazed.
kua kua kua.
no...it's not that Monkey is good...
the wines had been opened for more than 1.5 hours,
it had breathed well....and rested well on the table.
Hence the ability to identify all its terroir were undeniable.

Where else,
when the boys were having it,
it was still harsh and straight fr the bottle.
in total,
we had 4 bordeuxs,
1 white and 2 burgs...
for 6 of us...
totally konk out.
after satisfying the boys hunger for knowledge,
and intelligence fr someone wearing a skirt,
Monkey can have her dinner in peace...
Chef Leonard alwiz gimme something new and mind blowing,
and explosion on my palate.
al-dente japanese soman in pork soup with char grilled crunchie prawns.
"Leonard I want something fusion and very jap. You decide my menu tonite."
"Alrite mate."
chopped salmon belly with wasabi oil rice..
I lurve seaweed...
"taruk banyak banyak ya!! Oppss i mean more seaweed...I forgot this is Spore not msia."
and my fav egg custard tart which I pre-ordered 24 hours in advance.
Chef Leonard used 24 egg yolks for 6 pcs of tart this size..
absolutely killer dessert.

Prince C very tak malu and had 2 slices...
high cholesterol leh..
Doc: "It's alrite, he's a young man."

So we took a cab back to the hotel....
and when we sampai.
2 Lamborghinis were parked outside.
Prince C and JS stopped to ogle...
for like FOREVER.

and trying to decide whether it's a Murcielago or not.
*the orange one*

JS: "Murc got twin eksoz. This one without...hmmm...how could it be?"
Prince C: "Bugger, this one full specs man."

Monkey: "I don't care it's Murcielago or Michaelangelo....I am TIPSY and I WANT TO SLEEP...where's the room key????"

and they still ignored me...

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