Thursday, May 17, 2007

Girls' Best Friend

Special note:
My sincere appreciation and many thanks to all for the birthday wishes, be it in the form of email, sms, messenger, e-card, cards, phone calls, songs, dedications...
and of coz all the pressies which make me felt like christmas and snow, bountiful b-day cake yesterday and I am sorry that I have yet to retrieve some of the pressie sent via POS. I promised that I will go to POSLAJU this weekend to get all my pressie. Thank you ppl and luv u all, bless ya! Muaks.

Diamonds are a gal's best friend,
even Nicole Kidman sang it in Moulin Rouge.
No ppl,
it isn't my b-day pressie.
tear drop-shaped diamond,
4 carats *shit man*
SGD 147,000 *fark*
look at its clarity!!!
it's all about the C's
it sits perfectly on its 3 prongs.
only 3 to hold a diamond this big??
wat if it fell off?
I swear if I've taken the pics with a Nikon SLR,
it would be much better,
and you are sure to be amazed...
It's not my pressie,
not my engagement ring,

and most of all
not mine at all..
some stooopid bugger bought it for his wife.

Prince C: "You likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?"
Monkey: ".....hmmm..." and shakes her mickey mouse head in disagreement.
Prince C: "Ask JS to get one for u."

Monkey turned to JS who's awaiting for a yes from me.
and looked straight and deep into his eyes..
Monkey blurted: "I would prefer a tourbillon timepiece or a piece of land fr one of your projects."
JS: "hahahaha"

Prince C: "You stooopid"
Monkey: "U shuddup"
Prince C: "Sttttooooopppidddd"

in the end, Monkey got no diamonds,
no tourbillon timepiece, no land....
but something else...
4 times the value...

kua kua kua kua...
now who's the stoooopid one?
but that's a long term thingy..
I can wait..
2 years isn't that far away.

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