Tuesday, May 08, 2007

End the damn Swiss chapter

yea yea...
I promised everyone to blog diligently,
from day 1 till 11...

I just lost the enthusiasm
pls forgive me readers.
when the sun rises,
monkey will walk to the exhibition centre.
being a notti one,
she de-toured to other buildings...
and at times
even bold enuff to enter
without permission
Looking over the river,
Monkey felt like crossing over and shop shop shop.
but that can come another day...
coz work is so important to me.
The press centre...
where all the journalist gathered,
and all the celebrities gave their press conf.
I just don't understand why the sky is so beautiful everyday,
and I have to be indoor all the time.
Most of the buildings are really classical in downtown
work work work....till dusk..
plus entertaining aka partying....till dawn.
I hate to be labelled as a party animal.
I work hard so it's only fair to enjoy myself as hard as I worked.
I really do enjoy the 50 minutes train ride to Zurich
I wanted to capture the pics of cute Gateway cows nibbling on the meadow,
but then the double deck train is too damn fast,
Monkey with the smallest eyes ever!!! *so tired*
I came back and had a quiet birthday celebration with Prince C.
like after 3 hours I touched down.

"why u keep yawning?"
"tired lar......"*continue yawning and gave him the slit eyes looked*

"it's my b-day u know..." >-(
"grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ok ok..why do i bother and so layan u anyway??"

"bcoz it's my b-day."

"shuddup and drink."

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