Friday, May 04, 2007

Peppino Restaurant

Chef Giuliano Ungaro rules this place,
The ambience is perfect for a romantic dinner.
As usual, romance isn't wat monkey looking for...
more like good food.

Frenz alwiz asked...
how would they know if the restaurant is up to the standard
esp when they can't even digest a thing on their wine list.
Alwiz request for a wine list,
and select what you like....dry, sweet, tannic etc
not according to recommendation by the waiter/waitress
whom may or may not be experienced at all. is just so subjective.
I can write a thesis about it. check on the glasses that they use,
a good restaurant will invest in Riedel or at least Schott Zwiesel.

any other brands or no brands at all..could only mean one thing.
They don't even care a damn of the glasses,
what do they care bout the wines?????

Just a very simple logic and reasoning.
*there hypothesis 1 done.*
So we took the boys out for dinner,
Italian for a change...
When they are growing up,
They can REALLY REALLY eat a lot.
Monkey had roasted lamb rack,
I just lurve lamb that JS almost choke,
whenever he sees me having them.
He had vegetarian ravioli,
It's a pasta with filings inside.
another test to any Italian restaurant,
apart fr the al-dente-ness of their pasta,
would be how great are their pizzas...

If u've been to Italy,
U'll know how simple and yet wonderful pizzas are,

with thin crust baked in the oven with wood fires,
simple and sweet tomatoes sauce on its base,
very simple and fresh toppings,
with a lil shavings of cheese here and there,
well in this case, crumpled feta cheese.

That's my ideal pizza.
obnoxious JS and Bernard the Joker,
They have a love-hate relationship.

tonnes of difference in principals and thoughts,
love each other for being such a great team in golf,
and earn so much $$$ teaming up,
bashing up other players at the course...

"Next time no one wants to play with both of u."
"Yeah man....I can see those ppl running away when they see us at the course."
obviously he's happy when taking pic with monkey,
tee hee hee.

Monkey got his shirt at Zurich Airport,
Guilt strikes me when I didn't get anything Swiss for him...

I went for a safer route,
and got him things he'll definitely like,
his fav BOSS shirts.

It cost only CHF 99 = RM 297
while in Singapore SGD 165 = RM 379.50
Hong Kong HKD 990 = RM 445.50
Malaysia is RM 450 *stupid*

I bought all the colours that he doens't have,
Monkey is so lousy in buying things for him...

I will merajuk if he buys the same thing in diff col for me.
so far *touch wood*
that has yet to happen.

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