Monday, May 28, 2007

A special day for Jol Dih & Han Kee

26th was the awaited day,
a lovely evening in May 07,
a day of unification,
where Jol Dih will start her life,
with someone special.

Someone who will guide her,
protect her and nurture her.
- till death do us part -
Monkey & YM
We arrived like super early...
with Alex sitting alone.
YM, Alex, SLing, SHui
the ladies lined themselves according to seated heights...unconciously.
SHui & Monkey
when food is not here yet...
all u do is cam-whoring!!!
camwhores camwhores camwhores
dun care!!
we looked good.
Fr the back, SHui, YM, SLeng, CTeng
seated were Alex, SLing, SMei.

Till this extend, I just realised,
most of my galfrenz has a middle name,
that start with "S".
I wanna be known as "sssssmuunkeeeee"
ooOOooo...smokey baby!
Monkey with the beautiful bride in pastel pink
YM & Alex looked so cozy together.
wat's the hand doin at the back????
SHui, SMunkee, YM & Alex
The bride and the groom, Li-Ann, SMunkee, SHui,
Fei Ying, Kelly, L Pei Pei, T Pei Pei, Melissa.
CTeng & SLeng
Kenny, SHui's bf for the nite
SLing, SMei, SLeng, CTeng.
All of us...
looking yummier than the food..
kua kua kua..

my galfrenz are very very pretty...
yummylicious, sexylicious and of coz brainy.
and now I am goin to tell u a story....
This is SMei,
her fav col is green *coz i alwiz see her in green*
she has beautiful pantene straight hair...
her fav food is...
pig's head....>_< *chu muk, chu tou*

The piggy looked so happy...
smiling and waiting to be consumed..
it even decorated itself to looked presentable and edible to SMei.
Monkey & YM

So another wedding down,
a few more to go... are next!!


Anonymous said... by one our friends are leaving singledom! Everyone looks so gorgeous. All must have had a great time. Yen Ching,love your dress! When is yours?

CHER-RY said...

How's the gal in UK doin? :-)hehe..I still treat them like they are in cute pinafores when everyone is gonna have their own kids in pinafore soon!!! ahem, I would like to fwd the question back to you. Hahahaha.