Friday, April 27, 2007

Surviving Day 6

I do not know wat flowers are these...
Will someone pls tell me???
It's very hard to refrain myself fr touching
and unconsciously plucking them..
Look at my sick unpretty face,

Kee: "U memang not pretty wut."
Monkey: "Shart up Kee."

Kee: "U reminded me of one of the Japanese actress?"
Monkey: "Ya lar I know which one. The porno ones rite?"
Kee: "...*gasp*..yeah yeah. How did u know?"

I know u Kee,
U'll never say anything great about me.

Janet lurves her wine all the time,
She even bought some wines for our apartment...
Monkey is too sick to drink.
Ashok fr India market and Monkey
Me and Valerie....she's really beautiful
Ms. Whitherspoon and Clare fr Oz market
He said he found new galfrenz *again*
Damien fr IT dept.
everyone move aside!!! I just want Gaetan's pic!!!
Alex and Monkey
Finally we have secured all the orders for 2007.
Time to "yum seng"
for Monkey, it's only H2O.

To achieve a target which was 300% more than last year is crazy,
working towards it took a lot of efforts, sweat, blood,
tears, time, brain cells, arguments, trashy words to each other.

and we managed this steep growth.
when we sealed the final order,
all we could do is hug each other and rejoice.

Congratulations to the Msia team in Basel,
*which were ike Chris and me only*
for working the extra miles...
and achieving our target on the 5th day!!!!

where's my bonus boss??
I deserved a good holiday...

Monkey flying off to the Land Beneath the Wind,

for some nice spas and getaways.
just that I am still sick here....*snort*

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