Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lawrence's new place

Monkey lurves gate crashin ppl's pad,
esp when it's spanking new,
smells of paint,
and squeky clean.

the living hall overlook a coconut tree - so resorty
my place faces...erm the city..*sien*
JS cooking forgot-wat and Lawrence bz making lemon zest for his salmon.
When these two are cooking,
be prepared for a great great meal!!!yeah boyfriends in the kitchen bz at work,
galfriends laze around and bitch...
and keep on asking those guys in the kitchen..
"when can we eat?"
"when is dinner ready?"
Tracie & Monkey are really lucky galfriends...*I hate to admit this*
dinner is ready with loads to eat...
sausages in bordeux sauce, baked penne, pasta, pan seared salmon, salmon in oil confit, figs salad, homemade bread.
JS brought a lovely 1986 burg...
just found out he got 66, 76, 86,...mane 96???
and of coz 2006 not in the bottle yet..
still aging in the oak barrel.
awesome masala tiramisu.......Lawrence used so much of brandy,
I felt tipsy eating it!!
Emily finally made it for dinner amid her super busy schedule.
for a woman to handle 3 biz/entities at the same time is crazy,
having to care and educate 2 young fine kids is really really superb!!

that's Terrence in the kitchen,
another great cook!!!
look how dark the sausage was....after braising in bordeux for 3 hours,
it better be good!!!

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