Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Silly

to the luckiest man in the world...
a toast to you on your day,
since your are alwiz that lucky and blessed...
i dunno wat to wish to you...
Happy Birthday anyway.

Yesterday monkey touched down at 2.15pm,
waited 45 mins for my luggage,
having to push my way with the rest of the passengers,
and arguing with Kee all the time,
answering all his irrelevant questions...
*I will blog about Kee tmrw....*
I just feel so tired...

To my surprise surprise,
birthday boy Prince C and JS came to pick me up,
speed all the way fr Kota Permai golf club,
after they received my call.

I was so thankful that Kee didn't bump/meet/saw JS as the airport,
otherwise armageddon.
You'll know why tmrw.

when I saw b-day boy with his b-day spanking new car...

"wat the the name of God!! You bought this new baby????"

"ooo yes, my bday pressie for meself....u like??"

Monkey almost collapsed.....looking at his car.

Suddenly I felt not so tired anymore,
2 men handling my excess baggages,
and me ready to sleep on my way to KL.
and then we went to Kampachi restaurant in Equatorial KL to celebrate,
popped a new champagne DP 1999...
it was so much rounded than 98..but still can't be compared with 96.
Chef Shino at work
I lurve ooni (sea urchin) very much
and all cuts of toro...otoro...
jap sweet prawns
As usual food came non stop...
I was not in for a great appetite after hours on the plane,
just nibble here n there
japanese rock melon.....i'm a fanatique now.
I think i am balding on my scalp...
either i cut my hair short or sweep my hair to the other side,
anyway that's another long story.

Am suffering fr jet lag,
tried so hard to wake up this morning..
went to work late,
red teary eyes...
and keeping myself awake was an achievement.

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