Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day 3, Swazeeland

Don't ask wat happen to day 1 and day 2,
If u were still wondering.....*tsk tsk*
Day 1: The day I had swiss fondue
Day 2: yesterday's entry

So don't worry,
U missed nothing.
Call me anti-social or watsoever,
I just prefer to explore every corner on my own,
Including apparel shopping,
I don't bring anyone else coz it just takes too much of time,
having to wait....shop for things that I don't like,
and waiting....and wait and having to wait...and WAIT.
all these bridges reminded me so much of Prague in Czech Republic,
It's one of the place that was still intact,
undisturbed, undestroyed during the World War.
I wondered how old were these gravels,
It's just beautiful to me....*slap me*
Anyway this place, watever wherever it is...
is really damn old...
got to be a few hundred years.
then monkey just stumbled into one of those castle,
and tried to find ways to get in...
of coz I can't.
*stupid monkey*

the walls were 5 storeys high,
how to climb ar???
and I don't seem to be able to locate the entrance...
???? mane ar?????
the river is so clear!!!!
our rivers can fight with cafe latte man!!!
milky and thick.
Wat say u???
esp during rainy season like this.
Then back to work...
-_- sien
So sien till I took pic of this candle.
They served rose champagne all day long,
I guess it's a tactic to make all the visitors/journalist/retailers/buyers dizzy,
so either they'll order more or write extreme good reviews about us.
Of coz it's damn sien...
having to wear biz suit all day long *stiff neck*
and seated with Mr. Super Big Boss aka Mr. Severin Wunderman aka Mr. Chairman,
and Mr. Boss aka Mr. Victor Sassoon aka Mr. Coffee Bean owner.

My 2 biggest bosses...
Mr Executive VP aka Jany and Alex the cutie aka ermmm Spore Ah Beng.
I felt so pai seh having Jany to carry my stuffs all the time,
Well it's quite their culture to be so gentleman,

Alex will just...
"Carry yourself lar....I very tired."

Monkey sulks......
Anyway in the end, I managed to get him to carry all my things...
tee hee hee.
Notti Monkey wif Miss Janet aka Reese Witherspoon.
She's very popular there *the only Spore gal*
and me the only Msian gal...

and I would say,
we are the only asian gals,
in our brand.

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