Friday, April 20, 2007

All about KEE

Kee is a very special person indeed..

special can be

The fact that he is the best journalist in Msia..
that I have no doubt,
nor argued about it.

but his voicemail just exaggerated his credibility,
"Hi this is Kee, the best journalist in the UNIVERSE......bla bla bla pls leave a msg after the bla bla bla."
Kee is truly flamboyant in his own style...
He dresses like the above ALL THE TIME,
with his unique croco pointy shoes,
sequined top and embroider tight sexay pants....yes also full of flashy sequines,
and how much I adored his flashy guitar bag.

just that this round,
he forgot bout his wig fr Paris.

the nite I ter-left his window opened accidentally,
it gave him nightmares....2 indeed.
The following morning:
"I am sooo gonna go upstairs and punch that woman on the face for leaving my windows open!!!"

when he saw me sick like a puppy...
awwwwwwww....his heart just went soft...*sweet*

"Oooo great, Buddha did the job for me and punished u by making u this sick"
"..........wat the....??????"
This is another sequined top of his....pretty!!
"ouch...get your ugly hair off my pretty fingers...."
"Do u have to wear two watches and tonnes of rings with snakes on them???"

"Those are dragons dearie.....*jeling-ed at me*"

Monkey rolled eyes...

and the worst part when he saw JS's pic...
"Now wat KEE?????"

"U soooo got to tell me when both of u split up."
"exuse me....wat???"

"He's far too good looking for you. Wat does he do? Wat's his name? How tall is he?"
"Fark off Kee!!!!"

Anyway the bottom line is,
having him around in Switzerland for 3 days,
is really fun though.

Monkey do respect all the work he has done throughout the years,
interviewing prominent ppl like Nicole Kidman, politicians and other celebrities..

well that's why he's so special,
though getting at my nerves all the time..
My most common and memorable phrase to him:
"SHART UP!!!!!"

in return he'll say to me..
"you are such a lousy char bo"
(char bo = woman) and then flings his fringe or hair..or watever.
Gawd save me and my JS

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