Thursday, November 22, 2007

of Happy ppl & Happy Indulgence

Monkey and Cris Yong
Wow!!! It's been year since we last met...
I guess MIFA was the only reason,
So was last year and this year too.

Cris: "Hey u looked great!! I lurve your hair, who styled it for you?? Are u still with RAPR???"

Wait a minute!! I was never with RAPR......ouch!!!! *and ouch for RAPR-ians*
You toking about him rite???
File pic fr MIFA 2006: B! & Cris
Cris: "Yaaaa, how is Brian doin? I still keep your photos!!"

So lovely to see you again Cris,
I am truly amazed at your achievement and progress
in the fashion scene.

I lurve it!!
Live it up and I guess I can't afford you to style me anymore.

Read about MIFA 2006 *here*
Also managed to catch some time to see new mommy Jacky
I am filled with Happy People around me,
so thankful and appreciative of them.
Baby Xin Ying
sooooooo gaaawwwddddd dddaaaammmnnnn adorable!!

*Nee Lee!! STOP IT!!!*

The moment she opened her mouth to cry,
I ran miles away!!!
yep miles away to another Happy Place!!!
Happy Place = Pavilion KL
Happy Spot in within Happy Place = any makan area with ice creams!!
My fav Rum & Raisins
His fav Macadamia Nut
On top of crispy yummy HOT waffle with dollops of strawberries sauce

Note: *My Chip Chip is fussy like the owner and lurves strawberries, pls feed it with lotsa it*
Me stuffing my face with ice creams
Come on!!! I haven't been eating ice cream for...
*counting fingers*
for erm....too long...can't remember.
so in the end,
I had most of it...
*Monkey neva share her ice creams, pls note*

Roger Federer vs Pete Sampras tonite at Stadium Malawati
Ass Kickin Vonne was asking for tickets,
Su Surin Su requested for free tickets as well...

Hello Ppl.....I bought mine like 2 months ago..
and it was like the last few
-_- sigh
not very nice seating on the West.
But wat to do???
However thanks to Henry LoLo
I got better seats *RM 253*
Thanks buddy.
Owe u a lot!!!

I should rename myself Happy!!
yeah I doesn't suit a grumpy frowney person like Monkey.

Goodie...Happy day for me!!
gonna collect bag at Anya Hindmarch Pavilion,
collect timepieces at Starhill,
and I'm flying off tmrw....

makan makan makan!!!

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