Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spice of India

I grew up with abundance of Indian food,
coz one of my mom's maid was indian...
she cooked delish curries and condiments all the time!!!

Big Boss was surprised when she found out I have a thang for indian food,
know the spices by heart,
and cooking methods involved in every single dish.

She practically gave me A++ without any prob
Big Boss: "Cherry, you will love New Delhi."
and gave me a wide smile.

"ok. yeah I think so."
Just dun give me lao sai.
My fav mango Lassi,
I still think JS makes the best Mango Lassi in the whole wide world
*ok maybe minus the indian restaurant i went to in Cannes, France*

and I am so glad,
he shared the same passion for indian food as me...
be it cooking or chomping it down!!
Plain Briyani rice,
when I was young I thought those orangie colored rice
were julienned carrots.

and everyone at home were too ignorant to educate stooopid me.
so this Monkey grew up on her own,
learning bout the truth on her own.
Lamb are alwiz my fav...
be it dipped in bread crumbs and fried
cooked in curry, seared then baked...
BBQ....whichever style I will sapu.
Yummy prawns cooked with ginger, tomato and onions.
Spicy sweet and tangy
yummy bendi masala
I can sapu the whole bowl by myself!!
This is yummy but I don't like paneer *cheese*
Cheese with spinach.
oh yum yum yum yum yum

and since we are such good customer,
they gave us pistachio ice creams
on da house!!
But I didn't like it....
*I want Haagen Dazs*

Usually we'll go to the KLCC one,
but this outlet at Pavilion is equally good.

Spice of India - Pavilion
603 2143 3669

Spice of India - KLCC
603 2164 9221

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