Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nothing like Les Amis

Last Saturday we congregated at Les Amis for another Makan session,
Lawrence booked us into the one and only Chef's Table.

I think it's more of a Chef's Room,
with a row of wine chillers,
and an aquarium with chefs working in it!!
JS sat himself nearest to the action packed kitchen,
but we can't hear a thing at all.
Must be a bullet proof window!!

Lovely Tracie & Lawrence came at 7.30 sharp,
with lotsa goodies of coz...hehehehe
All of us were gluttons!!
piling on their delicious bread,
and french butter of coz.
menu for the nite was awesome,
though I'll be happy if the word truffle do not exist in Chef Thomas's kitchen.
and maybe scallops as well.
We started off with I-forgot-wat on yummy toast
I think it was Tuna.
Duck Liver with dates,
My cholesterol level is gaining its momentum!!!
up up up and higher......
It went so well with this baby brought by Lawrence,

Cherry: "It got a surgical nose!!"
Lawrence: "It's clinical!!"

Notes from Randy the best Sommelier in Singapore:

"Noble Rot. This is the process where the fungus didadidadidadidadidadidadida

and dida dida didi dadi dida dida.......and more dida dida dida dida
and hence give it a nose we call BOTRYTIS."

All of us with amazed looks printed on the face: ooooOOoooooo -_-

When will we ever learn to describe wines like Randy?????
Next was Tsarkaya *it's russian* in tomato coulee
Cres de Bretagne *french* with caviar served on a bed of cucumber foam
Fresh Belon served on its own *belon is also french*

So we had a medley of international oysters!!
They even set an eating order,
fr right to left...
wash the yummy succulent oysters with Henri Giraud
rolls royce of all champagne!!!

we had a 1998, not an outstanding year but definitely a good year,
delayed harvest, chaotic weather with frost in Spring.
it was beautiful!!
Pan seared Japanese Scallops with sunchokes
then they poured the smoked trout broth into it...
so yummy with the lentils.
egg pasta ravioli with mushroom, prosciutto, butter lettuce and TRUFFLE jus
served in parmesan fondue with wilted spinach.
No Laguiole knives this round.
Yummy veal cheek with TRUFFLE mash!!!
why do they have to use so much of truffles?!?!?!?
Lawrence brought Mr. Leroy for dinner...
beautiful bouquet
wait till u see the year!!
I was still a kindy gal in my lolly dresses.

We bought Madame Leroy's taste with this bottle,
not her wines....or it's her wines after all,
errr this is so complicated.

Anyway there's difference between red neck and white neck..
red: grapes fr her vineries
white: grapes bought fr other parcel, aged in her smelly oaks.

now we know why the price is so high!!!!!
desserts :))))))))))))

I like the chocolate mousse and the crunch in between
with the occasional bites of pineapple...
drowned the yummy passionfruit ice cream.
Ice creams don't make any impression at this moment!!!
Petit Four!!!
Then head waiter I-forgot-your-name brought out a tray of treasure
for us, ladies to choose from..

You want green tea?
passion fruit?
dark chocolate?
kit kat?
GREEDY me took two..
kit kat and passionfruit!!!

It's not really kit kat...
it's like waaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaayyyyyy yummier than kit kat.

Move over NESTLE!!!
As if we were food deprived somalians,
they brought out MADELEINES!!!
Freshly baked fr the oven.
so crispy on the outside,
pronounced buttery and lemony taste,
soft and fluffy on the inside.
Got Chef Thomas Martyr's signature
Italian of German descent.
Hence the classical ingredients and theme.
Veeny, Monkey, JS, Lawrence & Lovely Tracie

oooooOoooo we should do this more often!!!
*checking my cholesterol & weight*
Monkey & Veeny
We had to walk around Orchard after dinner,
It was soooo difficult!!!!
with tummy loaded with goodies.

Les Amis Restaurant,
1 Scotts Road,
Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 6733 2225

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