Monday, November 19, 2007

The Ultimate Fish & Chips - Part 1

It's ultimate bcoz of him......-_-
well Mr. Blumenthal's restaurant is afterall
The Best Restaurant in Britain - 2008

I'll blog more about Mr. Blu later,
This post will highlight the attempt of making F&C *fish & chips*
in the most unique way ever.
with science of food and its effects towards
smell, taste, senses, memory and emotion~~~~
According to Mr. Blu *it should be Dr. Blu coz he has a doctorate in Science*
there are certain potatoes which u can use for chips,
the list goes on~~~
In his experiment with chemists,
Maris Piper would be the perfect potato for its low water content.

JS had to settle with US Russet coz that's the only damn potato
available at our dearie supermarket.Peel them, cut them into 1.5cm thickness
and run them under running water to get rid of its starch.
Boil them till they "crack"
I dunno how u define crack in this case.
All u need to do is, run a small knife tru them and if it cuts easily,
your potatoes are done.

Next pamper your potatoes by resting them on a cake rack/wire/watever u call it.
Once it's them by chucking them
into the fridge till they are chilled.
Heat some peanut oil till 190 degree celcius

U keep the potatoes in the fridge
to extract the moisture out...
coz u want your chips to be really really crispy.
then deep fried the bugger for "Ting-Ting"

till it's golden,
let them rest and pamper them on their not-that-comfy cake rack
once it has cool down....
smack them into the fridge again.
So after an hour or so,
take them out and fry them again *Round Number 2*at 190 degree celcius
*was it??? I forgot!!!*

This will take 8-10 mins.
*by this time I was so tired, documenting the process with JS sweating out in the kitchen*
*remember, Monkey only makan*
the end results
Buy the best pickled onion u can find in town,
get its juice = vinegar,
transfer the vinegar to an atomizer....*I got mine at Watson's toiletries dept*
and wat else??

Spray it to your Ultimate Chips
I tell ya!!
Crispy can die.
soft and fluffy on the inside.

We kept a few for observation.
The crispiness last for more than 30 mins~~~

and I had it with my fav on the shelf ketchup.
JS will try to make homemade ketchup next....
fr who else but Dr. Blu's recipe.

Coming up next...
Dr. Blu's ultimate Fish~~~

Notes fr Monkey: The trouble of making this was really worth it. Go and get his book NOW!!


neil said...

I'm reminding myself not to look at your blog right before lunch, when I'm so hungry. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

WC : I wanna test test one piece can o not? :)

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: I have a feeling u go to my blog only when u are hungry.

WC: I still remember one of your fav food is F&C, and pizza of coz!!