Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Ultimate Fish & Chips - Part 2

Guess I got u ppl grabbing some chips yesterday huh?
I myself tempting for some tonite,
but it's just taking too much of time to make.

JS suggested to make a truck load and chuck them to the freezer,
and fry them whenever we feel like binging on chips!!
*more like whenever ME feel snacking*
This is an awesome batter!!!
it contains Lager Beer and VODKA.
they contain less water/no water at all
and the alcohol evaporates faster than u can say F&C,
giving the fish the crispiness u want.
Yep this is a soda water dispenser,
Made in Austria, Price RM 290
with 10 gas cartridges at RM 30

connect the carbon dioxide in...
get the batter in as well...
and let the magic begin!!!
the soda water dispenser injects all the bubbles aka carbon dioxide
*not monoxide ya*

making the batter loaded with bubbles which will give the F&C its crisp.
the best fish to use would be TURBOT
but Msia won't have such fish in the supermarket
so we substitute again with DORY.
*okie lar...can do lar...no choice*
*JS wanted to use COD fish....Wat the......?????*

So remember, we fried the chips at 190 degrees C
the fish must be done at 220 degrees C
1 minute on each side!!!
The result was.....super good man
I like my F&C fried longer to obtain golden color like the above,

hated those F&C with frail yellowish color,
looked so unappetizing
can taste the beer and vodka :)))

while inside was succulent and juicy,
coz it was only cooked 1 min on each side.

Definitely the ultimate F&C.
Thank you Dr. Blumenthal.

This morning at 7.10am:
"What do you want to eat tonite?"
"F&C :))))))))))))))))))))"
"HAI, no time!!!!"


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