Monday, November 05, 2007

Congratulations Dearie Cousin Jessie :-)

Where shall I begin?
from the time when we were wearing diapers???

I've known you all my life,
I don't think I share so much with anyone else.
and I am glad it didn't...
coz living my whole life with you around is such a joy,
beyond words and limit...

Coz I can't think of ways to describe it,
it is just so overwhelming.
Jessie & me while we were still young, naive and innocent like lambs....beeeekkkkk
we shared our toys when we were still toddlers
*okie we fight for our toys*
held hands while crossing the roads,
to go to school together.
Came back and enjoyed the evening playing/studying
on the same table,
had practically every single meals together...

As though it's not enuff to drive my mom & dad crazy,
we spent the night chit chatting and giggling away
like any "kepoh pat poh" who neva meet each other for years.
Monkey & Jessie at this messy ice kacang shop in Jonker Street
Quarreling, fighting and name callings had been our main activities at home,
till both of us had to be separated,
but lil did u know...
that I alwiz looked fwd to weekends,
when u spent the nite sleeping over at my place.
Coz I'll get to quarrel more...and fight more...
Monkey giving Jessie a fly kiss.
Despite all,
I lurve u very much...
coz no matter how much we fought,
it's hugs and kisses at the end of the day...
esp when I closed my eyes with you beside me.
and I really do appreciate for all the BIG and small things
that u have done for me in life.

Be it teman-ing me on my first day of work at a fashion-bitch-office by the name of GUCCI,
stitching and mending all my apparels *buttons, zips*

and of coz sewing fashionable dresses for my barbie dolls when I was 11,

just bcoz this monkey can design better than Mattel
and you can sew so much better than them!!!
Many many congratulations for your Big Day no.1
*this weekend another round*

May you live the very best of life,
and be bestowed with beautiful experiences.
and of coz I am missing u already,
coz the next Chinese New Year...
I don't have someone to monkey around with.
Beautiful Bride Jessie
Thank you for everything,
now it's your turn to sit back,
and let your own family take care of you.

You are more than just a cousin,
a friend, a family, accomplice for all my wicked plans...
you are my soul mate.
Tiffany Elsa Peretti Open Heart pendant 18kt Gold
and I do hope U'll like my gift...
but u can only open it this Sunday
nyek nyek nyek.

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