Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I don't look like my mom!!!

monkey and mommy dearest
We are totally yin and yang

she can cook so well and I eat damn well,
Mommy dearest is super manja all the time....while I lurve to pamper her.

She enjoys listening to me, while I play on the piano,
just like a jukebox...she'll instruct which song she'll lurve to hear,
from Carpenters to Bee Gees, they are all notes to me.

Mommy dearest also enjoys my nagging,
coz she let me to.

I won't know and understand all your commitments
and sacrifices until I become a mother.
Just woke up 20 minutes ago Monkey and Cousin Jessie
I woke up at 7.10am, and the groom arrived at 7.30am,
Everyone forgot to wake me up,
coz they were too busy with themselves.

Cousin Jessie is soooo like mom,
she even looked like her!!!!
Talk like her and behave like one.

no wonder all the guests who came thought she was me!!!!
duh!!! I'm not the one getting married!!!!

but the farnie thing was both me and groom's elder bro can get along together very well,
coz we share one single common thing that linked us both.

"What u doin here?"
"Hiding. Everyone's asking when's my turn."

"So wat u doin here?"
"Doin the same thing as u are I guess. Let's just go out and spend the day together and shut their mouth. I need to flaunt my dress!!"

before he could say anything,
partay was on and I am glad that we managed to solve our crisis,
on this special day.


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