Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lime Souffle

Souffle is one of my fav dessert....
*I have so many favourites!!!*

By far Cilantro's Grand Marnier Souffle
had been the best in town *RM 32*

But when home Chef informed he's making some,
this Monkey was ecstatic!!
One for you, One for me.....

took less than 15 mins to whip 3 souffles up

*that spells one for you, TWO for me. Hiak hiak hiak*
I lurve the golden top with such yummmm
Soft and fluffy like cotton
or should I say like AIR????

Well I wanna float in it coz it just melts in my mouth.
It's just perfect!!
very well done for a first timer..
I knew u can make things happen baby!!

There lemme submit my whole list of desserts-that-I-wanna-eat

Disclaimer: I have been receiving complaints from readers on their saliva meter!! I am not liable for causing hunger/craving/symphony orchestra playing in your stomachs. Please read this blog at your own risk!!! wakakakaka and thank you for dropping by!! Long Live the Monkey!!!

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junation said...

Oh that looks so so good.