Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fukuya Fukuya Fukuya!!!!

I haven't been there for 2 weeks already.
Kinda missed it.

Am trying to slot in time for dinner this week,
but all the nites has been booked,
either for launches/events/work
I have to split myself into 3 this Friday
for 3 different events at 3 diff places.

I can't say yes to one and no to the other two.
clever me, RSVP-ed for all three.
Let's see how am I gonna run around in within 2 hours to attend all 3.

and Prince C asked us out for dinner this Friday,
which I have to give it a miss!!!
Go ahead and enjoy without me,
maybe it's more fun coz nobody is there to nag u.
Fish Liver
soft and creamy with the texture of a foie gras
but it's so rich.
appetizer with chestnut (Shell still there)
japanese baby yam
deep fried prawn and ginkgo

It's late autumn,
hence these are the seasonal stuffs in Japan.

I wonder wat's in for winter....
my fav BHUTAN PRAWNS!!!!
*damn I wanna go to Fukuya now*
the usual sashimi with
toro, aji, sweet ebi, sanma
and lotsa edible flowers and leaves.

Monkey holding the autumn coloured maple leaves.
Chef: "U can't eat that"
Monkey: "-_- YES I KNOWWWWW"

Chef: "It's very expensive, one small box with a few leaves cost RM 50"
Monkey:" >_<>

Chef: "Yes so we do recycle the leaves for decoration."
Euuwwwwww and threw the leaves on the table.

Chef: "-_- we do clean and wash them."
Lurve their fresh onni - sea urchin
so orangie and fresh

Now u can buy fresh onni at Isetan, KLCC
Place your order on Wednesday and it will be flown in by Friday,
Pickup is on Saturday.
this is one helluva sushi,
Chef created this to dedicate to all Malaysians!!!

Sushi of Grilled unagi with sweet sauce and laced with lotsa chopped chirri padi
*That's chilli padi*
It's like treasure hunt,
tryin to find which slice with the most chirri padi.

then it's dipped into batter and deep fried
topped with roe
it's crispy on the outside,
soft and sweet with the contagious spicy zing

It's in the menu,
u can order it!!!
*coz most of the things I eat there are not in the menu. If u like to try dishes u read in my blog, pls tell the chef U want this this this that that that for Cherry-san*
Japanese sweet crunchy pear
It is called "Nasi" in japan.
erm....but confirmed the color is like nasi lar.

Chef only gave us half coz I am sure it's expensive.
It's on da house!!! yaaaaaaa
I think I had lotsa freebies fr Chef including my 2 appetizers.

also free tasting of exotic fresh produce,
whenever he's preparing them for other clients.
I am a damn greedy monkey.

No wonder he is alwiz showered with gifts fr JS.
I think Japanese prefer fruits as gifts,
It's their culture,
AM I right Kindy Chai???

Not cigar, wines, champagnes etc
Baby, keep your alcos for me lar.
Told ya I'm a greedy monkey.

Fukuya Authentic Japanese Restaurant
No 9 Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2144 1022 / 1077

*they have an extra hunting line now, translates to....biz is damn good!!!*


neil said...

but this this this that that that for Cherry-san are all so....... raw!

CHER-RY said...

There are also cooked ones lar~~~~