Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ubin Seafood, Bukit Timah

3 different spicy condiments
When u go out makan wif Lawrence...
make sure your stomach is really really really empty,
not even a sip of water...
esp when dining at his cozy home.
This round we had the famous Singapore Crab Bee Hoon!!!
it's as big as my face!!!
juicy yummy succulent mud crab!!
Everyone stormed onto the bee hoon and left the crab intact!!!
Lawrence was disappointed with the amount of gravy.....
He preferred it too!!!
JS just whacked everything and Veeny wrapped up her Asia trip with this feast!!!
Look at the chili padis!!
Fresh Super Fat & Meaty clams cooked in ginger, chilis *of coz* and white wine
Best kangkung I ever had....
coz it's fully loaded with chilis
We are eating chilis....not kangkung!!!!
Salt & Pepper Squid
*Jiu Yim Sotong*
I think I see some chili in there as well
Forgot wat was this,
didn't fancy it much.
As the best for the last
Singapore Black Pepper CRAB!!!!

wat made this an awesome shit was...
the butter!!!

Lawrence introduced chef to use french butter,
it gave the sauce a very nice creamy length to it.

In fact, if u fry things with french butter..
u won't get those burnt grease as compared to normal butter.

Common/standard/normal restaurants used marjerine!!
yikes throw those away...
it's like eating plastic!!!

JS will cook this for me soon!!!
rite? rite? rite???!?!?!?!?!
*Actually JS's crab bee hoon is awesome!!!*
*Read about it here*

Ubin Seafood
797 Bukit Timah Road
Tel: +65 6466 9558

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