Friday, November 16, 2007

Comfort food at Fukuya

I craved for Fukuya on Tuesday,
while I was blogging about......wat else?

It has been raining and me down with viral infection
for.....*counting fingers*

Whoever wants MC...come to me.
Nope, I don't issue any but I'm very generous
in sharing my virus with ya!
*wink wink*
come on it's freeeeeeeeee
Yeah it's autumn,
with the seasonal produce~~~~
baby lobster and grilled baby eggplant.
steamed japanese snail with sake and mirin,
it has such clean taste!!!
Greedy Monkey requested for more grilled baby eggplants with miso!!

hey gals,
this is wat I intend to make if we ever make it to the dinner with Chef Tee Ree,
problem is........can't buy baby eggplant,
maybe substitute with local ones......
or probably I can buy from Chef Ando.
This platter gonna pissed Nee Lee off,
Look at the lines of fat on the torro!!!!

I prefer my salmon belly though,
fat and juicy.
oooOooooooo fish soup with jap toufu and jap leeks.

The moment Chef Ando saw me in a sick condition,
coughing and sniffing and looking Fugly.
He said:
"Zoup? You.Want.Zoup today? I think. I go. Make Zoup. For you."

and then he spent the next 20 minutes concocting a soup,
which of coz was yummy and healthy and cleared my throat!!!

Chef Ando asked JS:
"Sham pain? No Sham pain today?

JS: "No no no. Sake pls. Warm sake."

We automatically switch our speaking mode
when we have conversation with Chef.
and I forgot to bring pressie - wasabi oil for Chef.
Japanese mushroom rice!!!
it may not look appetizing but it's damn delicious,
infused with jap mushroom....yum!
steamed "I-forgot-wat-fish" with ginger
lots of it
It's so nice to have Chef cooking coz he knows our palate,
hence u can see jap leeks and toufu again
They are my favourites!!!
some condiments to cleanse our palate
NASI = japanese sweet crunchy pear

Yeah I know i shouldn't be taking that but I can't have any other dessert!!!
no ICE CREAM~~~~

I haven't been eating ice cream for the past 5 days already.

This is so sad.
Armageddon man!!!
Poor tummy *rubbing stomach*


neil said...

Nee Lee is never pissed off by fooooood :P~

Nevermind the lines of fat on the torro (what is torro?), just cook it well. Heheheh

Chef Ando must be so happy to have such an appreciative monkey who thinks the world of his cooking. Lucky him, lucky you :)

licheng said...

tried ochazuke before? it's onigiri (rice cake), add hot water and plum. good for stomach ache and sometimes people take it when not feeling well. also to cure hangovers..hehe

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Torro or Toro = Fat Tuna Belly. The most expensive part of Tuna.

Kindy Chai: I had rice cake yesterday with miso. Dunno whether it's the same thing or not. Let me post the pic up next time.