Friday, November 30, 2007

Chan Lu Chan Lu

I know Ass Kickin Vonne gonna ask....
after reading this post...
"How come got xiao long bao????"

Yeah we whacked it all b4 u arrive.
hiak hiak hiak!!!!

Poor Ass Kickin Vonne....
stucked in the jam for over an hour,
but bless the smart gal for driving thru McDonalds
and whacked a burger in the car b4 she meet us.
plus: managed to cut the queue in the highway after her yummy purchase.
me bowing low here.....aiseh!
Su San had a golden fried rice...
very yummy & I am sure they used a lot a lot a lot of eggsssssss.

We hope u'll try the golden opportunity in Japan,
wherever u wanna go, we'll support u *support morally, takde duit*
and gambatei with your current bitchy project mgr.
Every problem has its solution.
If nothing sail through, tell me I'll go punch her!
Chan Lu had crispy pork chop noodle,
looked so succulent, tender and juicy...yum.

We are sweet as ever,
let b-day gal choose the venue...
indeed it was a good choice,
very nice place to makan.
*and bitch later on*
*oh yeah we bumped into Snobbish Accounting Lecturer Kevin Lau. Still looked the same.*
Highlight of the nite got to be this "tham thong faan"
translates to spitting pail rice????!?!??!?!
sounds soooo....not yummy

Actually it's called: Steamed rice with chicken mushroom and chinese sausage.
very tasty with sufficient meat and sausages and chinese sweet sauce,
Connie and myself had this.

I would preferred this than claypot rice!!!!
we had other dishes as well
mixed mushroom with vege
fried french beans with minced meat
Best time of all would be dessert!!!!
Crispy chinese pancake with sweet lotus paste
Ass Kickin Vonne had mangolicious mango pudding
and my mango dunno wat puree with sago + pomelo
The rest of the ladies had "skin purifying, whitening, longevity shuet kap"
in another words, Snow Frogs' Glands double boiled with dates and ginseng

I found on the internet that it is good for:
- building up the body's stamina and resistance
- strengthening the joints

Sounds like food for the old folks!!!!
anyway it's good for mommy-to-be
coz it's listed as pre-natal food for mothers.
Have sumore ya Connie :)))

and now with her approval,
I may officially announce that Connie is pregnant :)
Many many congratulations and we are gonna be aunties next Summer.
Su San and Connie
the notti pair
Ass Kickin Vonne & Monkey
The star of the nite *apart fr the tham thong faan*
Ms. Chan Lu Ai in her usual hotelier attire.

Okie lar I better stop caci-ing u,
nanti u cincang me.

Enjoy your shopping trip in Singapore,
and take care there,
esp when u r working with embassies.
I'll suggest u wear helmet and armory to work,
erm sounds like yellow boots and yellow helmet aka Phua Chu Kang
ok ok ok ok better stop caci-ing u...

Merry HAPPY 2X BIRTHDAY to u!!!!

Dragon-i Restaurant
Mid Valley Mega Mall
+603 2282 0115


neil said...

Many congrats to Connie! Bee Ree can you pls don't be so ganas (ref: "tell me I'll go punch her!). You'll scare the baby!

Snobbish Accounting Lecturer Kevin Lau is that cute Andy punya brother kah?

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: The baby is still a foetus!!! YAYAYAYA it's Andy's bro! He still looked the same!!!! (I think we had this conversation last nite did we??)