Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dinner with homies & roomies

I can see reflection of me in the xmas balls!!!
Gosh! December is here...
and I thought of hosting a yummy dinner for my
homies *is there such word?* & roomies.
Dinner was confirmed at 7.00pm
Nee Lee called at 6.30pm: "errr, can I park inside??"

I appreciate guests who are early,
Thanks Nee Lee

Mee Mee: "Do u know that it's rude to show up early??"
someone said only in Mexico...
Our favourite Laguoile knives,
and I let the ladies choose their color!!
pic stolen from Sizuka
Nee Lee: Yellow *anything as long as it's not pink*
Mee Mee: Red *took so long....like choosing husband*
Sizuka: Orange *fast & decisive*
Pic stolen fr Sizuka
Dinner is cooking,
while the gals were....
wat else...
Pic stolen fr Sizuka
Nee Lee & Mee Mee
We want dinner!!!
Where's our dinner???
Pic stolen fr Sizuka
Nee Lee & Sizuka
they lurve to watch JS in his "Hell's Kitchen"
Kanom Pung Na Goong *thai*
deep fried prawn canapes served with gherkins
This plate served with pickled onions...
we ate like pregnant ladies with all the sourish condiment.
Grilled baby egg plant with Miso + Mirin + Sake
This one was Sizuka's favourite!!

The three of them were fighting to help me to put
italian parsley on top!!
Pic stolen fr Sizuka
Crab meat pasta infused with capsicum oil.
Kurobuta pork in veal juice and grilled vine ripen tomatoes
Pic stolen fr Sizuka
Baby spinach + aragula + green apple salad
Pic again stolen fr Sizuka
everyone lurve their porkie!!
well that's the only meat available coz

Mee Mee = no intestine and duck brain *?!?!?!?!*
Nee Lee = no beef & raw meat & raw seafood
Sizuka = no lamb
JS = no chicken & duck

Monkey = no truffles + scallops
we were drinking sparkling RIBENA
coz Mee Mee + Nee Lee + Sizuka = NO ALCOHOL!!!!
Banana Tart Tartine
all of us waited impatiently as JS was cutting our tart!!!!
with my fav Rum & Raisin Haagen Daaz...

No more free ice cream coz Mr. Haagen Daaz went to work
at the same yellow company as Sizuka...
"I willlll foooollllloooowwww uuuUUUuuuuu"

So got free prepaid card???
Pic stolen fr Sizuka *again*
Yes we ladies must have 2 different desserts!!!!
Pic fr Sizuka's camera
we were making lime souffles!!!!
yummy yum yum
the gals were saying: "OMG, we are so fulll!!! how to finish 3 lime souffles???"

as they were sayin the above,
they multitasked by scooping the yummy souffles into their mouth,
and enjoying it...and at the same time...
"we r so full....so full....kenot already....very fulll...."
Then we bummed into the living hall
chatting on the floor,
coz the sofa can't take our weight!!!
*can only accommodate Mee Mee's weight*
Mee Mee & Sizuka at the back
Nee Lee & Monkey seated at the front
the gals with their xmas pressie...

I only pulled out the poor xmas tree
that evening...
coz they want to see one in our home.

Thank u ladies for the lovely company,
laughter and love..
and of coz thank you to JS for his fantastic dinner,
in his Hell's Kitchen.
*my galfriends called it Hell's Kitchen hence they dare not step over the line which separates his territory!!*

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