Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dinner hosted by Sincere

This post has been long delayed!!
I just hope I'll remember bits & pieces of the wonderful nite.
Beautiful setup with white I-dunno-wat-flowers and exquisite chandeliers,
wonderful guests who are also timepieces collectors *I prefer their cars though*,
graceful hosts who took excellent care of each and everyone of us!!
food was alrite lar...

As JS alwiz said,
Total Dining Experience is wat we are looking for.
Dinner started off with Symphony of Seafood,
tuna, caviar, salmon and I forgot wat.
My tweezy dizzy lobster bisque
okie lar,
boleh tahan.
Passion fruit sorbet with ginger and fried basilto wash all the richness away!!
Forgot wat was this.....
beef...forgot wat cut.
forgot how was it done.

It must be not fantastic at all,
otherwise I would have remember.
Beautiful isn't it?
someone told me, she thought she attended the wrong dinner...
wedding dinner..
erm ya hor!
dessert was some chocolate valrhona thingy with some crispy thing on top.

I'm so pathetic in this post,
I forgot to bring back the menu card,
hence forgotten wat I had and how it tasted like.

If any of the Sincere clan read this,
rest be assured...for next year,
I won't be on their guest lists.
Anyhow i enjoyed it a lot,
met so many nice ppl,
around the region who shared so much,
of their passion for beautiful timepieces.
Yeah and I can't take my eyes of that
dunno how many million dollar Piaget Polo Tourbillon relatif.

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