Thursday, December 27, 2007

outside my apartment at Gloucester Place,
check the day's temperature and be prepared!!!
all wrapped up and ready to go.
You'll find Nero everywhere as well as Starbucks...
I thought Britain supposed to be a tea drinking country?!?!?!?!?!
very good coffee there but can't be compared with the best - Monmouth coffee
I'll blog about it next time.
JS bought gingerbread for me,
knowing how "kiddie" I am!!!!
lil things like this made me adore him even more.
We practically visited almost all the foodhall/food market we can find in the city!!!
Hildon, most popular mineral water for Londoners???
Salmon caesar salad is so huge!!!
with the thick slab of grilled salmon on top.
Doesn't even looked like a starter portion to me.
Come on!!! Pasta King having pasta in London???
confirmed it's a big let down.
While I settled for a steak with a big glob of butter on top.
Fat Fat Fat FAt Fat fat fat fat fat fat first.
Let's cross over to Piccadilly Circus!!
As I was snapping this pic,
a group of adorable school children on their field trip was doin some historical assignment
with their teachers towing them...

They kept asking me: "Wat's her name? Wat's the angel's name?"
Monkey: "errrrrrr.......uhmmmm....
*trying hard not to let them down*
....ehhhh this is Piccadilly Circus, I think that's her name.....bluek.....SORRY I AM A TOURIST...I DUNNO!!!"
*Ran away and hide*

Later I found out her name is "Eros" = The Angel of Christian Charity
It was built in 1819.

Sorry...I've only learnt about our TUGU Negara!!!!
*slaps forehead*
Oh yesssssssssss....I am in Oxford Street!!!!!
It was before 10am hence the street was quite empty.
try walking there at nite......u dun walk....u just push around with the rest of the pedestrians + shopping bags.
I lurve it when the weather is cool and crisp with blue blue sky.
Oh yea, the most efficient mode of transport in London = Tube
Fast, Cheap and easy.
A similar journey which will cost RM 2.10 in Malaysia is about GBP 5.50 there.
well, which translates to RM 38.50...
so msians, treasure your sucky crowded LRT.

Anyway we got unlimited weekly travel cards (Oyster card) which cost about GBP 23.20 a week.
the maid was so sweet

JS: "U must learn to fold table napkins like this."
Monkey: ".................-_-................"

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