Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Belated B-day Loose aka Alex!!!

Actually...I don't address u as Loose or Alex,
I guess Wei Kuen will alwiz be your name in my heart.
a Merry Happy Birthday with you..

yes I know it was belated,
Hence the SMS yesterday.
All thanks to another event at Carcosa
*okie I dowan to tok about tat anymore!!!*
YM and Wei Kuen
We've known each other for more than a decade,
and you are still one sweet special friend.
with your soft melodious voice,
it is so "manja" that I wished I can copy at least 1%
*wakakakaka impossible*

You have such a caring heart,
which I appreciate very much.
Monkey, Wei Kuen and Sook Mei
Happy Belated Birthday to you again!!!
Beautiful wishes to you all year round,
beauty, wealth and health stays with you.


@lex said...

Thank you very much for remembering my bday and for your well wishes. And no lor.. i don't have a "soft melodious voice".. u've been tricked! Hahaha... thanks once again. =)

licheng said...

We had dinner at Amarin to celebrate her bday. What a funny experience it was (more of annoying really)...ahhah..too bad you couldn't come.

cher-ry said...

Wei Kuen: You do lar. I wonder how u sounds like when u sing~~~~~~ :)))

Kindy Chai: Wat was annoying? the service?